Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Bombay Potato Curry

Hello lovelies! I've been quite adventurous with my cooking this week - no pizza and chips for me! On Monday I made this delicious Bombay Potato Curry, which I discovered in a magazine. I can't remember which magazine it was - most likely Closer or Reveal as these are the usual suspects in my work's staff room, along with my copy of Grazia of course. It was really easy to make.

All you need is:
New potatoes (as many/little as you want!)
1 large onion
1 400g tin of chopped tomatoes
Medium or mild curry powder
Mango chutney

I served mine with chicken but you could use fish or even just a salad and naan bread as the potatoes are very filling!

Chop and fry the onion, add 1 tbsp of the curry powder and fry for another couple of minutes. Then add the whole tin of tomatoes and 2 tbsp of mango chutney. You can cook the chicken/fish and boil the potatoes while preparing the sauce. When the potatoes are ready stir them in with the sauce for a few mintues to heat through...

 Et voila!
Your easy peasy 30 minute curry! Enjoy ;)

On another note - I hear GFC is about to come to an end! Follow me on Bloglovin' or Twitter instead if you don't want to miss my posts! :)

Thursday, 23 February 2012

I might be a fan of your insulence, but that don't make you the innocent...
If you were lucky enough to see the McQ show at London Fashion Week on Monday, you'd be forgiven for mistaking it for a mainline Alexander McQueen show! As the sister brand of the British fashion house, McQ is usually well known for it's (more affordable) casual street punk demeanour. However this season, 2011's designer of the year Sarah Burton, stepped it up a notch!

McQ used their debut at LFW to show off some amazing designs, which began with strong military references in two-tone coats, kilted dresses and coats in McQueen's signature blue tartan and leather, and gorgeous thigh high lace-up boots. Models sported halos of hair and looked hauntingly beautiful. The collection seemed to leap through the seasons as leave patterned dresses in moss green and deep red were swiftly followed by collages of flowers in a rainbow of colours.

The finale of the show was reminiscent of McQueen's legendary catwalk theatrics when Kristen McMenamy appeared in a stunning white tulle gown. She stood still for a moment as leaves rained down on her before turning and, hidden in the leaves, she discovered a rope which led her to a hidden hut in amongst the woodland scene behind her. My words can't do justice to the atmosphere of this show! If you missed it, you can watch it below! As I mentioned in my last post the quality of the footage is not great but it still captures the amazing spectacle that was McQ's 1st ever London Fashion Week show!

Have a look and let me know what you think, are you as wow'ed as I am?!


Sunday, 19 February 2012

I don't care where you're going, I'm coming along with you...

Dress from River Island, Tights by Henry Holland
Necklace from Accessorize
Rings from Dorothy Perkins, Dainty Roses & Accessorize

Carvela shoes from Kurt Geiger

Morning! My lovely friend Lynne turned 25 yesterday, which of course meant a night out! This is what I wore to celebrate her quarter of a century! The River Island shift dress was a festive purchase which I wore on Christmas day - it's ideal for this sort of over indulgent occassion as it skims over any lumps and bumps, hiding a multitude of sins! What do you think of my shoes?! I adore them!! The pony skin is so soft and luxurious to touch and they just look absolutely gorgeous - these photos don't do them justice and I don't wear them enough! They're actually a bit too big for me and the last time I wore them they KILLED my feet so they've been hidden at the bottom of my wardrobe for a while. It's about time they got to show off in public again :)

On Friday I made 'Slutty Brownies' which I discovered on The Londoner (fantastic blog, have a look!) - you can view the recipe here. They are to die for!! It was really easy to do and doesn't take long. Mine didn't look quite as presentable as they do on The Londoner but they tasted good! I used Asda's own cookie mix which is only meant to do 6 cookies, so I'd probably use 2 boxes next time. If you have a sweet tooth you'll love them - you only need a small portion at a time though or they become a bit sickly. Due to my lack of funds at the moment I used the brownies as a birthday present for Lynne - hopefully they're softening the hangover blow today! I think homemade gifts are a great idea when you're short of cash, most people really appreciate the effort. I'm away to drown my sorrows in tea and brownies anyway - hope you're all feeling a bit fresher than I am today! Happy Sunday :)


P.S - In my last post I moaned about how I was too skint to buy any of the Mary Katrantzou collection. Well, I gave in and ordered 2 items at 8.20am on Friday! Beans on toast for me this week! Expect outfit posts soon!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Mary keeps me smiling, even when I'm down...

Ladies, I'm excited!! My favourite designer, Mary Katrantzou, has a Topshop collection coming out THIS Friday at 9am! I've been looking forward to this ever since it was announced last year and have followed every tiny little piece of information that has been floating around the world wide web! The 1st glimpse of this gorgeous collection came from Grazia with one photograph of the stunning satin bowl-skirted dress. At last the collection is here - so obviously I'm completely skint and won't be lucky enough to hang any of these in my wardrobe :( sob! My favourites are the satin dress and the carnation print t-shirt - You can view the collection here . Prices start at just £40 which is unbelievable when you consider the amount of work that must go into creating such intricate designs!

The first time I ever set eyes on Mary Katrantzou's work was her S/S '11 show in September 2010 and it was love at first sight! As Grazia puts it Mary is the 'Queen of Print' but it was her AMAZING lampshade skirts that made me fall head over heels. They're unique and stunning and I've been obsessed ever since. Mary seems to take her inspiration from everyday things around her - flowers, lampshades, rooms (sorry, this is not a room!) - who knew the ordinary could be so extraordinary! If you haven't seen any of Mary's pieces before, here's a few of my favourites...

Mary, if you ever happen to read this, please keep doing what you do best - I love it!
And to my readers - make sure you check out the Topshop collection and let me know which pieces, if any, you buy - the jealousy will be oozing from my pores!


Sunday, 5 February 2012

You took a white orchid, turned it blue...

Dress from Topshop, Jacket from H&M

Boots from Dorothy Perkins

Cross earrings from Urban Outfitters

Heart tag necklace from Tiffany & Co, Peace necklace from Thomas Sabo & Rings from Dainty Roses.

Hello lovelies! I know a lot of you have snow today but up here the sun is shining - in Scotland, I know!? Decided to take advantage of this unusual occurance and take some outfit photos in the countryside near my Mum's and these are the result - I'm pretty pleased with them for a change. I've borrowed my sister's camera which is much better than my own so I think the quality of my photos is improving.

This blue maxi dress has been hanging in my wardrobe since last summer. I wore it out for my 21st birthday and it's not seen the light of day since! Obviously I had to style it slightly differently today - the sun may be shining but there's still ice on the ground. So I added my H&M biker jacket and black tights with boots to keep cosy! The cross earrings I'm wearing were a cheeky wee Urban Outfitters purchase last time I was in Glasgow and both of the necklaces I'm wearing today were gifts from my boyfriend - I've trained him well! He bought me the Thomas Sabo peace necklace for my 20th birthday (I had a hippy themed party!) and I recieved the Tiffanys necklace this Christmas just past! There really is nothing better than waking up to a little blue box on Christmas day :)

After our little photo outing we visited our local pub for lunch, which was delicious as always - I'm obsessed with their lasagne! - followed by a brief visit to the boyfriend's parents house. We stopped to photograph this chilly looking horse on the way. The rest of my Sunday will be spent food shopping and cooking. Weekends do not last long enough! Hope you've all had a good one!

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