Saturday, 26 May 2012

Do you know where the wild things go...

At last I have a day off to enjoy the sunshine! What an absolute stunner of a day. I'm feeling a little delicate after a night out with Lynne last night (I had to sit down in the shower this morning!) but am planning on spending today chilling recovering in the sun. But before I do I just wanted to share what I wore last night. These photos were just quickly snapped outside my front door before I headed out so sorry they're not great quality!

Warehouse trousers // ASOS top // Dorothy Perkins heels, clutch & cuffs 

The daisy print trousers were on again but this time I wore my lace wetlook top from ASOS. I was originally going to wear my black peplum top but decided against it as it's quite thick and heavy material - too warm for days like this! The nude heels & clutch were added to summer it up as I thought black accessories would be too much.

We spent the night dancing away and bumping into old friends so it was a good night all round! You can get a glimpse of what Lynne wore below. Excuse the funky hand gesture in the 2nd photo, I think they were playing "jump around" haha. Either that or I'm stroking background girl's chin!

Hope you're all making the most of this gorgeous weather! And listen to my current favourite tune...



  1. Those warehouse trousers are amazing on you! You look gorgeous xx

  2. you both look lovely!

  3. THIS IS AN AMAZING LITTLE OUTFIT!! Ahh I was going to buy your trousers but the dress version from warehouse but I think I may just buy the trousers now because they'd be more versatile! Hope you had a lovely night and wern't hungover too much (I spend many an hour unable to stand up in the shower!)

    Gemma x


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