Sunday, 27 May 2012

Here it comes, the unavoidable sun...

This weekend has probably been the nicest weekend I've had off all year! My days have been spent lazing in the sunshine, dancing with my girlfriends, eating BBQ food with my family, walking my puppy and chilling with the boyfriend. If Carlsberg did weekends....

Miso at Republic dress // Primark belt & wedges // Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses // Thomas Sabo peace necklace

I wore this outfit to my Mum's on Saturday for a lazy day lounging in the sun. Republic came up trumps on this one, it's the perfect dress for this sort of weekend. It's ideal for tanning (no straps = no dodgy tan lines!) but the dip hem means you can hide your wobbly cellulitey thighs from the world at the same time. Boost! I actually saw this dress on a blog the other day, but I can't for the life of me think which one, argh! If you have any idea please let me know!! I'll admit I've dressed it up with the belt and wedges for these pictures, I was actually barefoot most of the day and as comfy as possible :)

Can't believe this was only our 2nd BBQ of the year and it's almost June! I'm pretty sure the whole town had BBQs on Saturday as there was literally NO BURGERS in the whole of Asda!! So glad the sun has decided to rear it's head this week, here's hoping it sticks around too. It seems to spread happiness and seeing as I'm back to work tomorrow I'd quite like our patients to be cheery chappys!

Hope you've all had a fantastic weekend too! Keep your fingers crossed the sun keeps it's hat on :)
Here's a song from my favourite band of last summer's festival circuit....

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  1. I like thid dress ^^
    also,your blog :)
    I folloe U


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