Monday, 7 May 2012

She sells sea shells on the sea shore...

Sugarhill Boutique playsuit // H&M biker jacket // Chockers shoes // Accessorize necklace // Next watch // New Look bracelets

Hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend! On Saturday the boyfriend & I went for a wee drive to Inverurie & around the countryside - this is what I wore! We stopped for lunch at the Fennel Restaurant which was fantastic - if you're in the area it's well worth a visit. We seriously need something like it in Peterhead.

So this Sea Shell Playsuit is the 1st post of my recent Sugarhill Boutique splurge! I originally wanted the dress in this print but decided against it because of the cut out back (I can't get away with no bra)! Excuse the creases also, that's what happens when you're sat in a car for 4 hours - I do own an iron, honest! I love the print on this playsuit, it's perfect for summer and fits in with the underwater trend a la Chanel. So far I haven't seen anything similar on the high street which is always a bonus - I love wearing something & knowing I won't bump into anyone else in the same outfit! I've teamed it with black cosy accessories here as the weather is still not great, but when the sun finally decides to make an appearance I'll wear it bare legged with pretty coral sandals and aquatic themed jewellery.

This is actually only the 3rd playsuit to ever make it to my wardrobe. I like the idea of playsuits but it's the practical aspect that puts me off. My pet hate is girls at FESTIVALS in playsuits. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!? Don't get me wrong, I understand suffering for fashion & making statements. I get killing your feet in 6 inch heels because they look amazing! I even kind of get wearing a lobster on your head a la Blow/Gaga. But wrestling your clothes off for 10 minutes in a tiny shit covered, germ infested cubicle? There is nothing chic about that. Stick to shorts and skirts ladies! Please & thank you. :)

Have you bought anything from Sugarhill Boutique recently? What are your thoughts on playsuits? I'd love to know what you think of this one.



  1. you look super cute! love the pretty shell pattern and your necklace! xo

  2. the colour of that playsuit looks amazing on you x

  3. I love the playsuit, what a great colour!
    You look lovely x

  4. No wonder you splurged on this playsuit, it's gorgeous!

  5. That playuit's beautiful, love the colour! x

  6. I agree, playsuits at festivals, half pissed and fumbling in the cubicles! What are they thinking?! Love your playsuit! The shell design compliments the necklace so well! And your dog is beyond cute too! Love dogs :)

    Gemma x


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