Wednesday, 27 June 2012

I wanna plan something nice for the weekend...

Finally getting round to blogging my outfit from my brother's birthday celebrations last weekend! It's a smart casual look which was perfect for an evening of pizza, cake and drinks! And Radio 1's Hackney weekend on TV... rock n roll ;)

H&M blazer & sandals // Dorothy Perkins top // Primark jeans // Eclectic Eccentricity sweet dreams dreamcatcher necklace // New Look bracelets

I've been looking for a smart top I could pair with jeans and a blazer for a while now. I always seem to either be completely underdressed or way over the top - I'm not very good at the inbetweeny look. However I think I've finally nailed it! This top was reduced to £7 in Dorothy Perkins, and I got it at a complete bargain price of £5.95 using my YoungScot card (seriously if you're under 26 & living in Scotland, you need one of these). This outfit would be ideal for a girly lunch date or a few drinks after work. I'm pretty pleased with myself. The blazer is from H&M's conscious collection. I picked it up a while ago & this is the 1st opportunity I've had to actually wear it. The peplum/frill detail on the sides gives the blazer a more feminine hourglass shape as well as making it a unique design. Also wearing my bargain £7.99 sandals - loving H&M right now!

Tomorrow morning I'm heading to Glasgow for work so am up bright and early at 4am! Hoping I'll have a bit of time for sale shopping on Argyle street! Any recommendations from you Glasgow girlies will be greatly appreciated?? And on that note I'll love you & leave you - I need my beauty sleep!

[Loving this song right now, has a bit of a Naked & Famous feel to it ^^]


Sunday, 24 June 2012

As the flashes blinded us in the photobooth...

I mentioned a wee Instagram update in my last post and here it is! These photos have been taken over the last few weeks... 

Row 1 - My friend's new puppy Lyla // My new drink of choice - green tea // Gordon playing geetar // #photoadayjune day 11 - door
Row 2 - #photoadayjune day 13 - art (Jim Morrison painting) // #photoadayjune day 15 - yellow // new iPhone case (Thanks @vipxo!) // arm candy
Row 3 - Uncle Gordon // My Nan's ring // #photoadayjune day 17 - in your bag // new H&M sandals! :)
Row 4 - Apple & Rhubarb crumble at the Last Bus Cafe // Cucumber & sweet chilli hummus // My sister's peanut butter millionaires shortbread // My big hair & bad roots! 

Hope that wasn't too hard to keep track off haha. That's the one thing I don't like about Instagram posts, when you can't easily match the description to the picture? Let me know if you'd like to see more of these in the future...or you can just follow me on Instagram - @xchristybx :)

Yesterday was my brother's 20th birthday so I have an outfit post lined up and some drool worthy cake photos! Ciao for now,

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

She's got a ticket to ride...

Happy hump day! Here's what I wore on my date day with Gordon (Monday) - we had a trip to Aberdeen for lunch & a tiny bit of shopping, before sorting the personal plates on the Capri and taking it on it's 1st drive of the summer. 

Next shirt // Lavish Alice peace leggings // H&M sandals & jacket // Primark necklace // Eclectic Eccentricity dinosaur earrings // Dainty Roses bear ring // Vintage ring was my Nan's :)

As usual there's a story behind the outfit. I originally had on an old cream shirt dress which I proceeded to splatter tomato pasta sauce all over. Luckily Gordon was in a good mood and after a quick trip to Next I was changing into this pretty lacey one in the middle of the Bon Accord car park! It must of been fate really, this shirt is so much prettier and a better fit. At least the buttons don't spontaneously pop open and flash my boobs to the world like the other one did!

Don't know if you can tell but I'm also wearing a pink lipstick here, something I don't normally do. Is it just me or does bright coloured lipstick make your teeth look disgusting and yellow? Red is the worst!

Last night I went out for Indian food and drinks with the girls from work (and the boss man obvs) which was fantastic, despite the massive food baby I was left with haha. I wore my Warehouse daisy print trousers with black peplum top. Lucky for us we're not starting work until 10am today! Or lucky for the ones with sore heads anyway :-P

Thinking of doing an Instagram update in the next day or two if anyone's interested?

Sunday, 17 June 2012

A burning fire will leave a scar...

Just a few snaps of yesterday's outfit! It's my long weekend off but Gordon has ended up working all weekend (sure he does it on purpose!) so it was a long and boring Saturday for me. I lost all motivation and didn't even do my cleaning, oops. We visited Gordon's family at night as it was his mama's birthday so at least I was out the house for a while! Also watched 'Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close' - I pretty much bawled through the whole film cause I'm an emotional wreck but it was pretty good! Anyone else seen it?

Primark skirt // River Island tee & shoes // New Look denim jacket // Topshop socks & belt // Miss Selfridge necklace // various bracelets 

There's a bit of a saga behind this skirt... I originally bought one for £28 in River Island but wasn't too pleased after the Sales Assistant took the tag out with a STAPLER which left a hole in the skirt. I debated about returning it but decided to just keep it as it was the only one they had in stock. I later ventured into Primark and the 1st thing I spotted was pretty much the exact same skirt.... for £10. No hole. So this Primark baby was bought and the River Island one returned. Result! I've kept it casual for this day time look with a white tee and flat boots but you could easily dress it up with a fancier top and killer heels. That's 2 looks for £10. Cheers Primark!

Seeing as I've been bored the past couple of days my iTunes have had a bit of an update. I've downloaded a few albums [Ben Howard - Every Kingdom, Friends - Manifest!, Jack White - Blunderbuss, RKC - British Plastic]...still have a balance of £7.01 to spend so let me know what you've been listening to lately!!
Here's one of my old favourites from the best live act I've ever seen (RIP The Music!)...


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

I've got a date with the night...

River Island crop top & skull print cape // Dorothy Perkins trousers // H&M sandals // Primark necklace

How amazing is this River Island skull cape!? It's one of those items that I fell head over heels for online and immediately NEEDED in my life... and then had no idea what to wear it with. It's been safely tucked away in my wardrobe ever since it arrived on my doorstep about 6 months ago. Every now and then I take it out for a stroke (anyone else constantly stroke furry clothes in shops?) and then pop it back on the hanger... until now! I chucked it on over my new crop top as it's really not crop top weather and personally I think it really completes the outfit.

The crop top was a treat to myself on Friday's shopping trip, the cute bows at the back closed the deal! I was slightly terrified by the crop top trend when it 1st appeared (I'm not one of those stick thin hipster types that look just as comfy in a crop top as they do in PJs) but after my 1st attempt at the look I was feeling a bit braver about it all. I much prefer them styled with high waisted items so only your high-driff is on display so I wasn't as keen on having my belly button on show - I spent most of the evening sucking it in and made Gordon take these photos before we had supper! [Next time your other half moans about taking your outfit pictures, offer them steak. This makes them much happier to oblige!] This outfit would look a million times better on a size 6/8 babe but I don't think I look completely horrendous here....Maybe I'm dillusional.....xx

P.S - Yes I did wear them same trousers 2 days in a row. Don't judge me.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Dream catch me when I fall...

Just a few snaps of what I wore last night - all dressed up and nowhere to go! We did talk about going out for tea but ended up getting a chinese and cosying up on the sofa to watch The Doors movie. I've had this peplum top for ages now, tried to photograph it a few times but then never liked the way it looked in the photos. I chucked it on last night and fell in love with it all over again :)

Dorothy Perkins peplum top & trousers (a/w) // H&M sandals // Eclectic Eccentricity necklace

How cute is this dreamcatcher necklace? I picked it up from the post office yesterday and was so excited to wear it! It's from Eclectic Eccentricity and is available in a range of colours, including tan, black, green, fuschia and red - you can see the full range of the Sweet Dreams Dreamcatcher Necklace HERE. I chose the necklace in plum which unfortunately isn't available on the website any more. Check how well it matches my trousers though!

I mentioned the other day that I was going shopping with my mum and sister. It was a pretty successful shopping trip - I managed to get my "costume" for the mexican bus run (a crop top, dip hem aztec print skirt and a necklace) and my mum treated me to these beauts from H&M! I originally wanted the sandals in cream but they were sold out in my size. So black it was! I'm glad I did take them, they're  super comfy and will be attached to my feet all summer! Definitely keeping an eye out for the cream again though.
[NB - Have just realised the sandals are HALF PRICE now on the H&M website, I've just ordered them!]

Here's a few Instagram snaps from my weekend...
New H&M Sandals // Lunch at Wagamamas // My new Primark Aztec skirt (£10 as opposed to the identical one River Island are selling for £28!) // Snuggles // Dorks // Guitar playing // How cute are these seahorse earrings!? // Friday's OOTD - Floral print clash

P.S - Does anyone know where I can find a cheap jersey maxi dress!? I need one for a little DIY job but Primark/charity shops have let me down so far :(


Friday, 8 June 2012

What Christy did next...

Morning! I haven't posted all week so thought I'd do a little update on what I've been up to/will be getting up to. [Does anyone actually care? Well it's my blog so tough shit :)] Lately I've started to get a bit more excited about the summer ahead. Last year I had loads planned and it really was an epic summer for me. I went to see Take That at the stadium of light (yeah that's right, I heart Jason Orange!), Kings of Leon at Murrayfield in Edinburgh, spent the weekend VIP camping at Rockness (which starts TODAY, holy jealousy!), went to T in the Park to see Blondie & the Foo Fighters on the Sunday, AND spent a weekend in Paris with my boyfriend. Which was amazing.

 KOL at Murrayfield - One of the funniest days of my life
 Bacardi cocktails at Rockness
 Blondie in the hailstones at T in the Park

This year Gordon and I decided that we would skip festivals, because between us every year we must spend close to a grand on them - so we thought why not use that money to book ourselves a decent holiday instead. Which is what we're doing. Hopefully by the end of this month our trip to NYC in August will be booked and paid for!! But it's meant that I've been feeling pretty depressed about a festival-less summer. Until now! I'm starting to cheer my face up a bit with the thought of what we do have planned!

For a start, our 1980's Ford Capri is just home from the work shop with all new bodywork and a full respray - she's looking pretty damn good and I'm looking forward to some road trips in her! We've also been invited on a Mexican themed bus run at the end of the month to celebrate a friend's 21st birthday. I actually LOVE a good fancy dress party! I have a few ideas floating around my head for a costume and will show you the result when I find it.

Then I have a week off at the start of July - I don't actually have any plans for this week but just not being at work is something to look forward to. The following weekend Gordon and I are off to Glasgow to see the NK Jays at King Tut's Summer Nights festival - if you're in the area get yourself some tickets, the NK Jays are playing on July 14th! I'm hoping to squeeze in a cheeky Urban Outfitters trip while we're there too. Also looking for suggestions on somewhere good to eat? We used to go to Maggie Mays every time we're in Glasgow, but our love affair with them ended when a very rude waitress chased us out the place accusing us of not paying our bill! Not only had we paid, but we left a pretty decent tip too. Did we get an apology? Pfft no!!

I'm hoping to stop by Kingsbarns near St Andrews on the way home from Glasgow too. My grandma used to stay out in the countryside there, and the big old barn castle next to her house is being turned into a whiskey distillery. I want to show Gordon and reminisce before the place is changed beyond recognition.

And last but not least, I'll turn 22 in July! I still haven't planned how I want to celebrate my birthday this year so am open to suggestions?? Speaking of birthdays, yesterday was my sister's so I'm off to Aberdeen with her today for some shopping and lunch! Ciao!


Monday, 4 June 2012

The Last Bus Cafe; Let me sleep all night in your soul kitchen...

Hope you're all enjoying the jubilee weekend! I've only had yesterday and today off but am making the most of it! Last night Gordon and I went on a mini road trip to hunt down the elusive Last Bus Cafe. It's quite funny really - I had never heard of it til a friend at work told me about it last week (or "the hippy cafe" as she calls it), but I forgot all about it & didn't even mention it to Gordon... until he came home the following day with the web address scrawled on a bit of paper by one of his work mates! Coincidence? Well anyhoo, it sounded right up our street so we went to investigate. I couldn't find any actual address/postcode online, just that it was in the New Pitsligo area (middle of nowhere) but it was much easier to find than we thought...

The building is made entirely of recycled materials - mainly old telegraph poles, scaffolding tubes and erm...bits of bus? Haha the guy who owns it is restoring a couple of old London(?) busses so the seats in the cafe are old bus seats and there are other random bits and bobs we spotted that are probably from busses as well. We also spotted his old reliant robin on the way up which pleased Gordon & his love of vintage cars! [Which reminds me, our Capri is almost ready to go back on the road!!] Apparently the lost cafe is open 24/7 so it was about 8pm when we got there. They weren't serving food at the time but we got a cup of tea/coffee and a couple of biscuits and the 2 ladies who served us were friendly and welcoming. Next time I think we'll go about lunch time to get some food. It's strictly vegetarian only but I'm cool with that ;)

These pictures aren't great but I think you get the idea! The walls were adorned with old film posters and vinyl and there was random pieces of musical equipment dotted about. Obviously the organ which you can't miss, a couple of guitars (including a vintage martin!), an amp, a tambourine and a mic. Apparently people come up here to jam every now and then so next time we'll probably bring a few friends and the guitars. The countryside makes for a very relaxed and peaceful atmosphere and we were fascinated by pretty much everything in the place! I've already done a photo overload but there was so much more I could of showed you! The cuckoo clock kept me amused too haha. There are more buildings to investigate (an old hanger type building where the busses live and what I think might be an old train carraige) so we'll be back again soon for a better look. My sister will be coming next time hopefully so I'll steal some of her photos, they're guaranteed to be better than mine!

Here's the obligatory photo of what I wore! I did have my Mary Katrantzou leggings on with this but decided to change to red, white and blue to get into the jubilee spirit ;)
Next time I'll be wearing more appropriate countryside footwear ha. This little review really doesn't do the place justice, but I can see us spending much of our summer here and definitely recommend a visit. You can find it at The Quarry, New Pitsligo, Ab43 7RA - Get the sat nav out!

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