Sunday, 17 June 2012

A burning fire will leave a scar...

Just a few snaps of yesterday's outfit! It's my long weekend off but Gordon has ended up working all weekend (sure he does it on purpose!) so it was a long and boring Saturday for me. I lost all motivation and didn't even do my cleaning, oops. We visited Gordon's family at night as it was his mama's birthday so at least I was out the house for a while! Also watched 'Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close' - I pretty much bawled through the whole film cause I'm an emotional wreck but it was pretty good! Anyone else seen it?

Primark skirt // River Island tee & shoes // New Look denim jacket // Topshop socks & belt // Miss Selfridge necklace // various bracelets 

There's a bit of a saga behind this skirt... I originally bought one for £28 in River Island but wasn't too pleased after the Sales Assistant took the tag out with a STAPLER which left a hole in the skirt. I debated about returning it but decided to just keep it as it was the only one they had in stock. I later ventured into Primark and the 1st thing I spotted was pretty much the exact same skirt.... for £10. No hole. So this Primark baby was bought and the River Island one returned. Result! I've kept it casual for this day time look with a white tee and flat boots but you could easily dress it up with a fancier top and killer heels. That's 2 looks for £10. Cheers Primark!

Seeing as I've been bored the past couple of days my iTunes have had a bit of an update. I've downloaded a few albums [Ben Howard - Every Kingdom, Friends - Manifest!, Jack White - Blunderbuss, RKC - British Plastic]...still have a balance of £7.01 to spend so let me know what you've been listening to lately!!
Here's one of my old favourites from the best live act I've ever seen (RIP The Music!)...



  1. A Primark purchase? Ahhh I can't believe it! I need to stop being snobby and go in there because the copies lately have been so good! Such kooky colours. And awh I'm in love with the shoes/socks team up. Everyone should wear more of these combinations. And my Itunes ALWAYS needs updating...forever clicking on "remind me later"

    Gemma x


    Poppy x

  3. i love the skirt! gla u return the river island one w the hole. that save u alot of cash!

  4. I can't believe that skirt is from Primark. I am going to hunt for it in my one :)

  5. Gorgeous outfit, I love skirts that are longer in the back and shorter at the front! The colours are gorgeous too xx

  6. That is such a pretty skirt, I'm gunna go hunt it down in Primark! Love the jewellery your wearing too! xo

  7. Amazing skirt and necklace!
    Following you! Stop by sometimes,
    I have two giveaways going on my blog :)


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