Wednesday, 20 June 2012

She's got a ticket to ride...

Happy hump day! Here's what I wore on my date day with Gordon (Monday) - we had a trip to Aberdeen for lunch & a tiny bit of shopping, before sorting the personal plates on the Capri and taking it on it's 1st drive of the summer. 

Next shirt // Lavish Alice peace leggings // H&M sandals & jacket // Primark necklace // Eclectic Eccentricity dinosaur earrings // Dainty Roses bear ring // Vintage ring was my Nan's :)

As usual there's a story behind the outfit. I originally had on an old cream shirt dress which I proceeded to splatter tomato pasta sauce all over. Luckily Gordon was in a good mood and after a quick trip to Next I was changing into this pretty lacey one in the middle of the Bon Accord car park! It must of been fate really, this shirt is so much prettier and a better fit. At least the buttons don't spontaneously pop open and flash my boobs to the world like the other one did!

Don't know if you can tell but I'm also wearing a pink lipstick here, something I don't normally do. Is it just me or does bright coloured lipstick make your teeth look disgusting and yellow? Red is the worst!

Last night I went out for Indian food and drinks with the girls from work (and the boss man obvs) which was fantastic, despite the massive food baby I was left with haha. I wore my Warehouse daisy print trousers with black peplum top. Lucky for us we're not starting work until 10am today! Or lucky for the ones with sore heads anyway :-P

Thinking of doing an Instagram update in the next day or two if anyone's interested?


  1. love your hair and the leggings!

  2. those leggings are fabulous! I'd be nervous to wear them in public but you pull them off really well!
    The red pigment in lipsticks contrasts with yellow which is why they always look bad- I find a nice orange based lipstick (think coral or tangerine) doesn't give the same effect :) x

  3. hey there pretty blouse. white and lace is a winner for me! also love your hair up like this, it looks gorgeous.x

  4. oooh lovely outfit, really love the necklace! Whereabouts in aberdeen did you go for lunch? :D xxxx

  5. AHHH how have I only just seen this? You look ever so stylish, so cool uber hipster chic! Statement necklace and peace signs? Just lovely. And your hair looks sooo fabulous like this! You should wear it up more often! And the lipstick...apparently the magazines say red lipstick is supposed to make your teeth look whiter. Obviously these writers have amazing teeth or they are just liars! Sly.

    Gemma x

  6. Amazing leggings!

    Two giveaways on my blog :)

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