Friday, 8 June 2012

What Christy did next...

Morning! I haven't posted all week so thought I'd do a little update on what I've been up to/will be getting up to. [Does anyone actually care? Well it's my blog so tough shit :)] Lately I've started to get a bit more excited about the summer ahead. Last year I had loads planned and it really was an epic summer for me. I went to see Take That at the stadium of light (yeah that's right, I heart Jason Orange!), Kings of Leon at Murrayfield in Edinburgh, spent the weekend VIP camping at Rockness (which starts TODAY, holy jealousy!), went to T in the Park to see Blondie & the Foo Fighters on the Sunday, AND spent a weekend in Paris with my boyfriend. Which was amazing.

 KOL at Murrayfield - One of the funniest days of my life
 Bacardi cocktails at Rockness
 Blondie in the hailstones at T in the Park

This year Gordon and I decided that we would skip festivals, because between us every year we must spend close to a grand on them - so we thought why not use that money to book ourselves a decent holiday instead. Which is what we're doing. Hopefully by the end of this month our trip to NYC in August will be booked and paid for!! But it's meant that I've been feeling pretty depressed about a festival-less summer. Until now! I'm starting to cheer my face up a bit with the thought of what we do have planned!

For a start, our 1980's Ford Capri is just home from the work shop with all new bodywork and a full respray - she's looking pretty damn good and I'm looking forward to some road trips in her! We've also been invited on a Mexican themed bus run at the end of the month to celebrate a friend's 21st birthday. I actually LOVE a good fancy dress party! I have a few ideas floating around my head for a costume and will show you the result when I find it.

Then I have a week off at the start of July - I don't actually have any plans for this week but just not being at work is something to look forward to. The following weekend Gordon and I are off to Glasgow to see the NK Jays at King Tut's Summer Nights festival - if you're in the area get yourself some tickets, the NK Jays are playing on July 14th! I'm hoping to squeeze in a cheeky Urban Outfitters trip while we're there too. Also looking for suggestions on somewhere good to eat? We used to go to Maggie Mays every time we're in Glasgow, but our love affair with them ended when a very rude waitress chased us out the place accusing us of not paying our bill! Not only had we paid, but we left a pretty decent tip too. Did we get an apology? Pfft no!!

I'm hoping to stop by Kingsbarns near St Andrews on the way home from Glasgow too. My grandma used to stay out in the countryside there, and the big old barn castle next to her house is being turned into a whiskey distillery. I want to show Gordon and reminisce before the place is changed beyond recognition.

And last but not least, I'll turn 22 in July! I still haven't planned how I want to celebrate my birthday this year so am open to suggestions?? Speaking of birthdays, yesterday was my sister's so I'm off to Aberdeen with her today for some shopping and lunch! Ciao!



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