Monday, 17 September 2012

Tropeiro : One for the meat lovers...

Last weekend Gordon and I went out for dinner at Brazilian restaurant 'Tropeiro' in Aberdeen. We really enjoyed the unique style of dining here so I thought I'd share with you guys...

 Tropeiro recommend starting off with a Caipirinha - Brazil's national cocktail - so I happily obliged with their lychee flavour!

 You then help yourself at the salad bar to a bit of pasta/vegetables/salad/stew/olives/bread/all of the above. Take as much as you fancy but don't fill yourself up on it. I recommend the vegetable stew!

You can return to the salad bar as often/little as you like.

 Each person at your table will be given their own card. When you're ready to try some of the meat on offer, you simply turn your card over so that the green side is facing upwards...

...and waiters will appear at your side ready to carve various meats onto your plate! If you're a meat lover like me then you'll love Tropeiro. There's steak, beef, lamb, pork ribs, sausages, chicken wrapped in bacon, the most amazing gammon and even chicken hearts! Which are apparently a delicacy in Brazil. I did taste them but wasn't impressed! Everything else however was juicy and beautiful.

 When you've had enough you simply turn your card back to the red side.

And then back to green if you fancy a bit more!

 I can't remember exactly how much they charge for dinner, but it was roughly around £25 per person. Not bad considering they'll have up to 10 cuts of meat available and you can eat as much as you like.

Tropeiro was a new and fun experience for us and we'll definitely be back. The Aberdeen branch is just down the side of the Music Hall so it'll be handy for pre-gig munch! If you're not in the area though they also have branches in Glasgow, Chester & Nottingham - you can book online on their website.

Top tip: Don't fill up on the first few meats they bring to you - they save the best for last!


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