Monday, 22 October 2012

The Fur Stole

Next month my boyfriend turns 28 years old - so as a birthday treat I took him to get his tattoo finished  be tortured yesterday. It took almost 2 hours so lucky for me it meant I had time to treat myself too! I had a good rake round the shops and picked up this gorgeous H&M fur stole. It's so soft and cosy!

H&M fur stole // Topshop coat // Primark gloves // Zara skull slippers

Not bad for £12.99 eh!? I think I might get it in black next time to wear with my red coat. I'm officially a (faux) fur convert! Every winter I say I'm going to get myself a fur coat and never find one that looks as good as I imagine they should. I think the stole is a great alternative and easy way to glam up any old outfit!
Also wearing my new Zara slippers (love them!) and Primark gloves. The gloves are real leather and I'm really impressed with the houndstooth print. If I'm honest they don't really do much in the keeping my hands warm department but hey they look good and they were a Primark bargain.

Today I'm at my local car boot sale hoping to make a fortune - wish me luck! Hope you're all enjoying your weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous outfit! Cute with an edge :) love the slippers x


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