Sunday, 18 November 2012

So come dance this silence down through the morning...

On Friday we celebrated Gordon's birthday. I baked him a cake and we went out for Chinese food with friends, followed by a "few" drinks back at the house.

 H&M jumper £14.99 and tutu dress £14.99 // Christian Louboutin heels £60 // Primark necklace £3.99

I used a Betty Crocker devils food cake mix and their chocolate fudge icing, and decorated with smarties and maltesers - not a patch on last year's guitar cake but much quicker and easier!

Happy birth-week Gordon!


Thursday, 15 November 2012

All the leaves are brown...

After a long walk in the park with Gordon and Harley, I've discovered I really love autumn and all it's pretty colours! Shame winter is about to take over. Give it a few weeks and I'll be gushing about how wonderful the pretty snow is!

 New Look jacket // H&M jumper & sunnies // Primark jeans // Hunter original gloss wellies

I'm obsessed with the H&M jumper I'm wearing here. I bought it in Glasgow and have worn it just about every day since - no exaggeration! It also comes in mint and a blush pink colour - both of which are on my Christmas wishlist. I'll try and get a better photo of it soon :)


Monday, 12 November 2012

Paris is always a good idea...

I mentioned previously that Gordon and I have booked a trip to Paris to celebrate the New Year. After spending the last hour of my life browsing dreamy photographs of the beautiful city of lights, I was inspired to share some of my own (not so dreamy, but still nostalgia-inducing) photos from our trip last year...

 La tour Eiffel
 I could happily have this for breakfast for the rest of my life.
 The view from the eiffel tower - of an unintentionally heart shaped queue below :)
 Pont des Arts - we will be adding our own padlock this time!
 Still the best chocolate pudding I've ever had.
 Catacombes de Paris
 Père Lachaise Cemetery
 Jim Morrison's grave
Arc de Triomphe

We are hoping this time to explore more of the city. We've done all the major tourist things now so we want to discover new places and experiences, as well as fitting in as much shopping as possible. Top of my list is seeing the festive window displays at Printemps and Galeries Lafayette. And I can't wait to see all the Christmas lights! Summer in Paris was gorgeous but I imagine it'll be on a whole new scale of beautiful in the winter time. Please let me know if you have any recommendations for us - things to do, places to go/see/eat/shop, anything at all... It would be greatly appreciated! Merci beaucoup!


Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Another weekend... in Glasgow

I'm baaack! Our little trip to Glasgow didn't quite go to plan. The car battery died, which meant my massive Christmas shopping marathon was cut short as we waited for Gordon's cousin to come rescue us! We had a good time anyway - Michael McIntyre was hilarious of course. If you get the chance to see him live, GO! Or at least buy the DVD when it's out next week. I definitely will and I've seen it already. "You want wan-key?"

Managed to rope Gordon into posing for a blog photo... he says to make sure you all know his socks are from Asda, haha! + Burtons jacket // G-Star t-shirt // Levi jeans

I wore... Topshop coat & frilly socks // H&M jumper, stole & cat eye sunnies // Primark dress, bag & necklace // River Island boots

I've been after a pair of cat eye sunglasses for ages and finally picked up a pair in Glasgow's H&M. It's fair to say they're going to be stuck on my face at the slightest sign of the sun. I don't care if I look daft wearing sunnies in winter, I love them! I'm clearly hanging onto the summer as much as possible by getting my bare legs out as well, although the jumper was definitely needed to balance out my body temperature!

We didn't want to stop the car after jump starting it so we headed home much earlier than planned. On the plus side this meant we got to stop at Baxters for lunch on the way - hello afternoon tea! We got a good browse through all their Christmas stock and even bought our 1st ever tea pot! Check us out all grown up and stuff, at least the trip wasn't a complete disaster eh?

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