Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty (The Book)

I've spent the past few evenings drooling over this beautiful coffee table book and wanted to share some of my favourite parts. What better way than with a few pictures? 

Alexander McQueen was probably the first designer I ever really took an interest in and really sparked my love affair with fashion. My inner goth fell head over heels for the skull shoes in Edinburgh's Harvey Nichs years ago. I worked in a newsagents at the time when he took his own life - I remember seeing it all over the front pages that day and being absolutely devastated, but having nobody to share it with. If only I'd blogged back then eh?

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty - £22.40 from Amazon

The images of McQueen's work are so beautiful - I wish it was like one of those touch and feel kids books at some points, especially when the dresses are made of shells and feathers! The quotes are just as intriguing as they are inspiring. Sarah Burton's interview really helps you to appreciate McQueen's skills and gives an interesting insight into the intense and spontaneous way that he worked in his studio. I'd really recommend the book, especially if you never got a chance to see the exhibition in New York. Fingers crossed they'll bring it to us in the UK soon!



  1. Those gold shoes are amazing!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Much Love:


  2. He's stuff is so amazing. Wrote a essay why this label is so influential. Have to send it to a uni

  3. That book looks completely inspiring. Long live McQueen (:

    x Michelle |


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