Sunday, 21 April 2013

Health Kick - Update #2

Something I've had to tell myself many times over the years!

This weeks lunches...
Smoked salmon with cottage cheese & salad on sweet chilli ryvita // warm quinoa salad // peanut butter & banana on toast

Try to have a good variety of foods for your lunch and plan ahead if you can! I've sickened myself of smoked salmon already so only had that one day this week. On my day off I prepared the quinoa salad which I'm still not quite sure if I liked or not but had 2 days in a row anyway. And the banana and peanut butter on toast? That was a "quick, grab anything!" kind of day. It was probably my favourite lunch of the week though haha. Leftovers from the night before are ideal for days like this so you can still be good without the effort of preparing anything in the morning.

Beef stew with broccolli, cauliflower & red cabbage // (world's smallest piece of) lemon sole with sweet potato fries & peas // clean chicken enchiladas // what was meant to be an omelette

If you can prepare meals that will last you more than 1 night, that's a definite boost. I made the stew and the enchiladas on nights that I had no exercise classes, when I had plenty time to cook them, so that I could just reheat them the next day when I can't be bothered to cook after kettlebells! This week I also attempted my 1st ever omelette, which as you can see, was a disaster. It tasted ok so I suppose it wasn't a complete fail?

Cucumber & Morrison's Nume reduced fat Piri Piri houmous // American goodies

Snacking has been my downfall this week - my mum and dad are just home from America and arrived with arms full of chocolatey peanut buttery goodness! Despite my unhealthy take-away end to the other week I still got good results at my PT weigh in on Wednesday, but I'm not sure I'll be so lucky this week after all those M&Ms.

Exercise has played a good part again this week - kettlercise on Tuesday, personal training on Wednesday, swimming on Thursday and the gym on Friday and Sunday - so hopefully it's helped to combat the sugar overload!

How's your week been? 



  1. All looks really inspiring and yummy! Beef stew recipe? I love beef stew, but struggle with how to make it healthy? xx

    1. not sure it's "healthy" but all the ingredients are fresh and natural, so it's clean at least :) x


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