Sunday, 14 April 2013

Health Kick

Since my clean eating post last week I've seen loads of healthy/exercise/diet blog posts floating around, along with heaps of instagram pictures etc - it's been great for my motivation! If it's helping me then I figure I'm as well carrying on with my health kick updates, and hopefully they'll keep others motivated too! I'll start of with my diet (by which I mean my daily intake of food, and not "I can't eat that cake, I'm on a diet"). I've tried to keep up with the clean eating as much as possible but I'll admit I've not been perfect. Sorry in advance for the not so pretty pictures, they really don't make my meals look appealing.

Sunday night was smoked mackerel with sweet potato fries and brussel sprouts - minus the bloody fish bones it was a decent enough feed!

Monday night was cajun spiced chicken breast with brown rice and asparagus. Probably one of my favourites but Gordon moaned about the "plain, dry rice". Hmph.

I promise this is much tastier than it looks! Turkey, flavoured with paprika, with "savoury quinoa" and broccoli. The quinoa is basically savoury rice, but obviously with quinoa instead! I prepared a big batch on my day off so it just needed heating up. I took the leftovers to work for my lunch a couple of days (handy for busy lives eh) and got a few workmates hooked on it too.

On Wednesday I had the time to make some veggie chilli (swap the mince for different types of beans!) and served it with brown rice again. For some reason I decided to make it fatty by adding cheese... oops. So good though!

My sister had given us some of her homemade sweet potato and bean burgers so we had them on Thursday, on wholemeal buns with salad... and ruined with nachos. Oops. Again. It seems I get worse as the week goes on. On Friday we ended up getting a calzone and chips from our local take-away, but I did redeem myself last night by using up the left over bean chilli - this time served as burritos!

As for the exercise I've done pretty well, if I say so myself! I had last weekend off work so spent Saturday morning at kettlercise, Sunday in the gym, swam a mile on Monday, Kettlercise again on Tuesday night, had a personal training sesh on Wednesday, dragged my ass to EPIC on Thursday, had Friday off (too busy stuffing my face with takeaway!) and then did my personal training "homework" on Saturday night. And of course there was the usual daily dog walk. Phew!

So far I've gained 2lb of muscle and lost 2lb of my overall weight. My body fat percentage dropped from 30.6% to 25.9% in the space of a week, which I'm pretty chuffed with! Fingers crossed everything keeps going in the right direction.

Have you been exercising this week? What was on your menu?



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  2. Ooh all looks really yummy as well as really healthy!

    Would love the recipe for the sweet potato and bean burgers, they sound really good!

  3. Well done pet! You're inspiring me to get back on track.

    My problem is mainly that I've been drinking a lot this week and so I'm all bloated! Also not helping that I stuffed my face with crisps at all the said parties I was at. I think I need a full body detox!

    I did 3 pilates session and 2 runs though - redeeming myself somewhat ;)

    1. you're allowed to enjoy yourself, sounds like you balanced it out! I keep thinking about running but thats as far as I ever get ha! x

  4. These meals look delicious babe :)

    I'm awful at healthy eating. :'D xx


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