Thursday, 11 July 2013

Health Kick - Update #4

It's about time I did an update on my "health kick" and where I'm at right now - it's been a while since my last one. Just before I went to Amsterdam I reached my body fat percentage goal and got under 20%. Needless to say that didn't last long. All thoughts of clean eating went clean out the window the minute we stepped off the plane and I've really struggled to get back into it since we got back. My BF% has fluctuated between 21 and 22% for a few weeks now, and I know that doesn't sound too bad but it's not where I want it to be. I've had so many birthdays, baby showers and other occasions lately to use as an excuse for not eating well but this last week has just been down to pure greed! I've gotten lazy as well and didn't go to my kettlebell or EPIC class last week. It's true what they say - the only workout you ever regret is the one you didn't do!

However, it's suddenly dawned on me that it's less than 2 weeks until my 23rd birthday and I had planned to be back under 20% by then! So with that, and the beautiful sunshine gracing us with its presence, I am officially motivated and back on it. I want to be able to go out to celebrate my birthday and actually feel good in what I'm wearing. I want to be able to go out in the sun in outfits like the one above, and not worry about my belly hanging over the top or my cellulite covered legs wobbling too much. As Gok would say, it's all about the confidence!

So step 1 is the "easy" part - exercise. I need to get myself back into a routine and make sure I'm doing at least 1 work out every day. For the 1st time in about a year I went running this week. I've never been a big running fan but when the sun appears I want to soak it up while I train, so running is the obvious choice. A good sports bra and a decent pair of running shoes are all you need, and the pavement is yours! I managed 6k in 35-36mins twice so far this week, which I'm quite pleased with!  I'm going to try and mix up my route and hopefully make it a bit longer over the next few weeks. Cycling is another exercise I enjoy in this weather. Again, I'm not a huge fan (I have weak legs!) but the idea of getting a tan while I'm at it is good motivation. Last night I spent a good 80 minutes weight training in the gym and really enjoyed it, so I'll try and keep that up too!

The hardest part for me is eating clean. I plan all my meals ahead and do a food shop once a week, stocking up on healthy fruit & veg, wholegrains and lean meats. I don't buy chocolate, biscuits, crisps or anything else unhealthy. I just won't have them in the house because if they're there they'll call my name from the kitchen cupboards and I'd devour the lot in seconds. So whats the problem? Work and socialising is the problem! Whenever I meet friends or family it usually involves some sort of food and, like I said, if it's in front of me I will eat it. I have zero willpower! Our kitchen at work seems to have a little chocolate fairy at the moment - somebody keeps restocking it with Cadbury's oreo chocolate and I keep eating it!

In an effort to stop this habit I'm taking loads of fruit to work so that I can fill myself up on that and not want the bad stuff. Gordon and I went for a drive at the weekend and ended up at Tesco, which was a nice change. We don't have one where we live so it was good to have a spy at all the different things they sell that my local Morrisons doesn't! I ended up buying passion fruits and lychees so they went down a treat! We also stopped at a local farm shop and got some fresh strawberries, raspberries and duck eggs. Having something a bit different than usual in the fridge definitely makes eating clean easier and more interesting! Smoothies have been whipped up a couple of times this week for my lunch and I've really enjoyed them. I've just been mixing a few fruits together with spinach and 0% fat Greek yoghurt. They're surprisingly filling, so easy to make and are topping up my intake of vitamins. Omelettes are a firm favourite at the moment as well - they're ideal for a post workout meal as they're so quick and easy to make and provide your body with some much needed muscle repairing protein!

What are your favourite ways to keep fit and healthy? If you know of any clean recipes or fitness blogs please send links my way, I'll be eternally grateful! Also, let me know if you enjoy my health and fitness posts - I'm not sure how often I should do them? For regular updates you can find me on instagram - @xchristybx


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  1. It takes a lot of discipline to maintain a clean diet...
    I have similar difficulties too...If there are unhealthy stuff at home they are like constantly calling out to me...
    Thanks for a great post.



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