Sunday, 13 October 2013

Cocktail & Burger

Glasgow seems to be going through a burger phase at the moment. Everyone was raving about The Meat Bar, Burger Meats Bun, Meathammer Ltd (at Nice N Sleazy) or Cocktail & Burger. Anyone that knows me, or this blog, will know that I'm a big fan of cocktails. And burgers. So, eh surprise, surprise... we went to Cocktail & Burger!

It's exactly what it says on the tin. Choose your cocktail, choose your burger, et voila. I chose the C&B Martini which is made with gin, cointreau, elderflower, passionfruit and egg white and looks like it was designed for Hallowe'en! It was thick and fruity and went down a treat. Poor Gordon was driving the 3 hours back home after lunch so he had a coke. Shame. But it was only £1 including free refills!

They had on a lunch time special when we visited; any burger with fries for a fiver! I'm quite glad as I don't think the quality of the food is really worth the standard price but for £5 we couldn't complain. Gordon went for the C&B Burger - a big, juicy 6oz Aberdeen Angus beef burger with cheese and bacon - perfect hangover cure! I'm pretty sure they have the same platey bowl things that Porky's in London had and I might of got a little bit over excited about this massively uninteresting fact!

I'd had sliders the night before so I fancied something different. They only gave us the lunch menu but they were happy to serve from the main menu when I asked. I ended up with a "Big Pole"...

A paprika and black pepper flavoured hot dog, with chilli, manchego cheese and mustard. It was pretty spicy and the sausage itself was quite greasy. Hotdogs are made from the cheapest, most disgusting "cuts" of meat anyway so I suppose I shouldn't really have expected anything else. It tasted okay but the crappy meat put me off so I'd stick with burgers next time. That's probably why they're not called "Cocktail & Hot Dog"!

We washed it all down with big glasses of water before heading up the road. Our bill came to less than £20 in total! It wasn't the best meal I've ever had but then for £20 it was never going to be! Nothing spectacular but I would go back, especially at that price.

Have you tried any of Glasgow's burger joints?

Christy xx

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