Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Furry Muffs & Tulle

This winter I've discovered ear muffs...

Next ear muffs // Zara scarf // H&M jacket // Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses

...and they're the best freakin' invention EVER! Where have they been all my life? I'm not a huge fan of hats (mainly vanity reasons) so ear muffs are the perfect alternative. They keep my ears snug and sheltered from the Scottish weather without the dreaded hat hair. When I bought them I had intentions to keep them tucked away and only use them in NYC but they've barely left my head since. I actually can't believe it took me so long to invest in a pair! Being plain black they go with absolutely anything, and on this occasion I chucked them on with that Zara scarf blanket and a leather jacket to make this outfit a bit more winter appropriate.

Warehouse jumper // Boohoo skirt // Zara shoes 

This jumper and skirt are 2 of my favourite items at the moment. Despite being skint, I couldn't resist either of them so went ahead and ordered them anyway. The jumpers barely been off my back so, y'know cost per wear... worth it. I'm struggling with styling the skirt for day time so think it'll be kept for special occasions. Yet another Carrie Bradshaw skirt. I can't help it. I WANT TO BE HER OK?

Speaking of Sex and the City, did I mention I'm off to New York on Thursday? ;)

Christy xx

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