Sunday, 23 March 2014

another weekend... in the gym #3


My diet was pretty good most of the week - I made a clean chicken balti with quinoa, Honestly Healthy's stuffed superfood sweet potatoes, chicken fajitas and chia and nut crusted salmon with honey steamed kale, which was epic! I tried figs for the 1st time this week & loved them so they've been in my breakfast quite a lot. By the end of the week I had a bit of a breakdown though and ended up eating half a cheesecake on Friday night. On Saturday our plans changed last minute after Gordon had to fix my Mum's car and we ended up having a Chinese takeaway. It always seems like a good idea until I feel really sick afterwards!


Monday - I went to boxercise at 6.30am and Metafit after work. Billy has us doing this thing at the end to make a sweat print on the floor to see how hard we worked - look how huge my ass is in mine!
Tuesday - Another early morning class - this time circuits - and kettlebells at night. Went up to an 8kg kettlebell which was hard work but not as bad as I'd expected. I didn't have quite as much control as I do with my 6kg but I'm going to keep at it.
Wednesday - Ran 4.6k after work. It was a good run but I could do without the uphill battle against the wind!
Thursday - Went to a 7am Metafit class and did the new "half pipe" workout again. It's a thigh killer! At night I went to EPIC and did "Combination" which is one round of endless, one round of pure sports, a round of immense abs and then a 5 minute finisher!
Friday - I forced myself to do a 5.6k run from hell. My body was aching and my mind wasn't in the right place but I made it.
Saturday - Rest day, thank God!
Sunday - Did the same PT plan as last week. It didn't feel so hard this time so either I didn't put in as much effort, or I'm actually getting stronger.

I feel like I really pushed my body as hard as I could this week so fingers crossed it pays off, despite my food relapse at the end of the week. How have you been keeping fit?

Christy xx


  1. Bloody hell girl you are a machine!! I'm trying to work up the energy to even do a basic pilate workout today!!

  2. All that food sounds amazing!! However, I am amazed by your work out regime, that's nuts. Like Rachel, yoga tests out my skills!

    Emma x

  3. yummm :) love your blog! so happy I stumbled upon it!

    xo, jess

  4. i wish I was so determined and focused as you are! I spent most of my days eating chocolate cupcakes, chocolate fudge cakes and chocolate cookies (hence the chocolate overdose on my Instagram and weekend posts).
    I have tried to change but no effort :(



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