Monday, 31 March 2014

another weekend... in the gym #4


Feeling a bit uninspired in the kitchen this week. I made a delicious sweet potato & chickpea salad, bacon egg cupcakes and some quesadillas, but other than that I went back to basics like stir fry and omelettes. Boring... any ideas would be greatly appreciated! On Friday I made the mistake of letting Gordon choose dinner & ended up eating bacon cheese burgers, Saturday we ended up out for Indian. It was good at the time but my belly was left sore, bloated and full of guilt. So not worth it. We ate out for Mother's day last night but I managed to pick a bit healthier - soup and chicken & veg - the only bad part was dessert! I need to practise mindful eating more and really think about what my body needs and how certain foods will make me feel before I shove them down my throat. There's no point doing all this exercise if I'm just going to eat rubbish and have a permanent bloated food baby. Hopefully next week will be better!

Nike vest, leggings & trainers // Avon gloves // Polar FT4


Monday - 6.30 am boxercise, 6pm metafit. I think it was the matrix one which I've decided I hate. Along with half pipe.
Tuesday - 6.30am circuits, 6.30pm kettlebells. My second time using the 8kg!
Wednesday - Rest day! Went to view our engagement photos in the evening :)
Thursday - 7am metafit, 6.30pm EPIC. It was "Endless" this week which is actually one of my faves. I love to hate arm circles.
Friday - Another rest day... I'm starting to realise I eat worse on days I don't train than days I do. Not good!
Saturday - Kickstarted the weekend with kettlebells and metafit!
Sunday - Another gym sesh which apparently got my heart rate up to 216bpm. That can't be right...

Here's to a happy, healthy week! What have you been eating?

Christy xx

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