Thursday, 20 March 2014

Topshop x Adidas Originals

Today sees the launch of this sporty yet stylish collaboration between Topshop and Adidas! There hasn't been as much hype around this as there usually is with Topshop collabs but I've been pretty excited. As someone who trains just about every day I tend to spend more time in my gym gear than I do in normal clothes, so it's important to me to look and feel good in sportswear. The collection features 20 classic Adidas pieces which Topshop have reworked into more modern shapes and used London inspired graphics to bring them up to date. Some of the designs are a bit OTT for me - I won't be wearing a jumpsuit or matching graphic satin tracksuit to the gym any time soon - but the basics are right up my street. I got my hands on the white vest and grey hoodie at 5.30 this morning! Most of my gym clothes are black and pink but I'm pretty sure I can work these simple pieces into my wardrobe.

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