Tuesday, 22 April 2014

another weekend... in the gym #7

This has probably been my worst week in a long time. As usual most of my meals were good (I made an epic chicken and quinoa curry) but there's loads of easter chocolate on the go, so I've been snacking on crap in between. And demolished a whole pack of chocolate digestives at my Mum's (not in one go.... this time). On Thursday my train got back into Aberdeen at 7.15pm and I was starving so we ate at Wagamamas - have you tried the white chocolate and ginger cheesecake? Heaven on a plate! I went out for a friends birthday on Saturday night and ended up with my first/worst hangover in years! Which meant I couldn't eat all day and then pigged out on a Chinese takeaway at night. I'm thinking of going teetotal. I feel sluggish and crappy and need to get back on it this week.

Monday - Insanity
Tuesday - Circuits in the morning & kettlebells in the evening.
Wednesday - Rest day.
Thursday - (Forced) Rest day. Had a meeting in Glasgow for work so spent most of the day on a train and missed both my classes.
Friday - I can't really keep calling it a rest day can I? Lazy day.
Saturday - Kettlebells & metafit to start the weekend,
Sunday - Death by hangover.

I missed 3 of my usual classes and my usual Sunday gym sesh, so a bad week all round! I'm mad at myself and need to get back on it ASAP before all my motivation and hard work is lost. How's your week been?

Christy xx

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