Sunday, 4 May 2014

another weekend... in the gym #9

This week I made some chicken fajitas, spicy egg wraps, spaghetti bolognaise, salmon with asparagus, these Strip'd banana coconut muffins and mango chicken quinoa salad. Easy favourites. On my day off I made a spicy chickpea and lentil soup, inspired by The Foodstory Cafe, which was amaaazing if I say so myself. I'll definitely be making it again! My fat loss isn't exactly going to plan. Meals are planned out and stuck to but I have zero willpower and can't say no to chocolate and treats when they're in front of me. My colleagues introduced me to peanut butter scones on Wednesday and I honestly don't know how I've got through life without them so far! 

Monday - Boxercise & Insanity class.
Tuesday - Circuits, kettlebells & metafit.
Wednesday - 6k run.
Thursday - Metafit & insanity class.
Friday - Rest day.
Saturday - Rest day.
Sunday - Gym (HIIT & weights).

Hope you're making the most of the bank holiday weekend! :)

Christy xx

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