Monday, 30 June 2014

another weekend... in the gym #16


It would of been a good week if it wasn't for my biscuit binges. I'm divorcing my family cause I only eat them when I visit them haha. I made a chilli con carne with turkey mince, quinoa salads and this cajun jambalaya from Food for Fitness. I worked out my macros this week - I failed to stick to them but am on it now! The hardest part is reaching my protein intake of 175g. Seriously, how am I meant to do this, eat 4 whole chickens a day?! My fridge is now fully stocked with chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, greek yoghurt and cottage cheese so we'll see how I get on.


Monday - Swam 1km - my first swim in months, I really enjoyed it!
Tuesday - Kettlebells & metafit
Wednesday - Rest day
Thursday - Morning metafit, Insanity class
Friday - Weights
Saturday - Rest day
Sunday - HIIT & weights

I'm away to try out my first ever yoga class tonight and can't wait! Any tips?

Christy xx

Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Kelpies

 Primark dress & shoes // Prada saffiano tote // Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses

The Kelpies were one of my favourite stops on our roadtrip. These 30 foot sculptures at The Helix, near Falkirk were officially opened this Spring and have already attracted more than 15,000 visitors. It was a beautifully sunny day when we stopped by which made it the perfect day for a stroll around the park... and some cheesy tourist pics!

If you're anywhere near Falkirk you should definitely head over to see these. Just don't trust your sat nav! Ours took us to a random country road rather than the actual car park... then there was the almost near death experience where we drove UP a sliproad OFF the motorway... the police pulled us over just in time... that was an experience. Anyway, look out for the yellow AA signs instead!

Christy xx

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


With the announcement that 10 Dollar Shake would be taking over the former Enigma space in Aberdeen's Academy shopping centre, whoops of joy echoed throughout the city. They did in my head anyway! These crafty cocktail connoisseurs have a passion and talent unrivaled by anyone in the area and I couldn't wait to see what they'd come up with. It didn't take long... first up - Bos'n!

The upstairs of Enigma has been transformed into an upcycled heaven of a pop-up bar, serving up classic Latin American cocktails - think daquiries, caipirinhas, margharitas... they've stocked up on their rum and tequila!

My first taste was the "Brazilian passion" - a deliciously creamy passionfruit concoction recommended by the friendly, attentive waitress. All the staff are more than welcoming and we felt right at home. So much so that Gordon was determined we should just book a hotel and stay for the night! (We didn't, this time.)

Eat Beetroot are taking care of the kitchen at Bos'n and doing a pretty fine job! Their charcoal cooked meat and seafood restaurant The Adelphi Kitchen has been a huge hit since opening this year and together with 10 Dollar Shake they have the perfect formula for success. I wonder if they'd do my wedding together... I digress. Bos'n has a tapas style menu of modern Mexican cuisine that I was more than ready to dive into...

 Pao de Queijo (Beef sliders)
 Lamb Quesadillas - Yogurt - Lime
 Crispy Goats Cheese & Red Pepper Roll
 Chicken Curry Skewers - Special K

All the food was amazing but the lamb quesadillas were definitely my favourite - I'm literally drooling just looking at the photos!

It's easy to emerge yourself in World Cup fever at Bos'n - tuck into Latin American inspired snacks and get into the carnival spirit with a slushy Tommy's Margharita or Zombie cocktail in a Tiki mug. We'll definitely be trying these next time! But a cold beer and a unique papaya flavoured margharita were the grand finale for us on this occasion.

Nobody seems to know how long this bar will be "popping up" for so make the most of it while you can.
We are "Bos'n" to see what 10 Dollar Shake come up with for part 2 of their Enigma transformation!

Christy xx

Monday, 23 June 2014

another weekend... in the gym #15


My diet has been completely off track this week. With being off work and away for a few days I've eaten out a lot but I've enjoyed it. I've also drank more than my share of cocktails this week so coconut water is my new favourite remedy! I saw a quote on Instagram or something about how it's no use having all the knowledge and talking the talk without actually putting it into practice. That's exactly how my eating habits are. I spend all my time moaning about how bloated my belly feels yet I know exactly how to prevent it - I just don't take my own advice! Time to wise up. (I think I say this pretty much every week!!)


Monday - Quick HIIT & weights sesh in the hotel gym.
Tuesday - I thought I was fit until I had to climb a big hill & 246 steps at the Wallace Monument.
Wednesday - 3.5k run - attempted running up hills in Stirling. Bad move.
Thursday - Metafit, followed by weights in the gym.
Friday - Rest day.
Saturday - Kettlebells & Metafit
Sunday - Rest day.

My training has also taken a back seat this week but I'll be back to my usual routine from today :)

How's your week been? Tried anything new?

Christy xx

Sunday, 22 June 2014

24 Hours in Edinburgh - Part II

After that rather expensive "window shopping" accident, we decided it was time to step away from Princes Street! We cut through Makars' Court, reading the flagstone quotes along the way...

Back on the Royal Mile we made our way up to the castle. 

Primark jacket & shoes // Warehouse dress // Prada bag

Edinburgh Castle is an impressive building, steeped in history, which overlooks the city and offers equally impressive panoramic views. It houses everything from war memorials to crown jewels to a dog cemetery (!) and we spent a good couple of hours strolling around the grounds, learning about the history of the castle and it's former inhabitants, such as Mary Queen of Scots. I'd definitely recommend a visit if you're ever in the capital.

The Grassmarket is another must do in Edinburgh. It's home to many independent boutiques and bars and is quite pretty with it's rainbow of shop fronts. Often it plays host to live music events and they have a weekly market too so it's well worth a stroll down. There was a dance festival on while we were there, the sun was shining and the whole place just had a real happy buzz to it. 

 Warehouse dress // Primark shoes

It was nearing dinner time by now so we headed back to our hotel to freshen up and have a couple of drinks before we ate. The bar at the G&V Hotel was probably my favourite part - it's bright and funky but manages to still be smart and sophisticated. Even the toilets were beautiful! A classy bar where the bartenders probably prefer to be called mixologists and know their menu inside out. They were able to make suggestions based on my preferred spirits and flavours and hit the spot with each one. The frozen daquiri was perfection! Even if you're not staying at the hotel I'd recommend a trip to Bar G&V - you can even enjoy an afternoon tea here if that's your thing!

With the rum going straight to my head we thought we'd better head off in search of food. Luckily we didn't have far to go as Bar Kohl was on the same street as our hotel. You'll find big juicy meaty burgers available in every combination you could possibly imagine. I took a cheeseburger with pulled pork and sweet potato fries, which was wonderfully succulent! My cocktail was a "Heart Shaped Box" - picked mostly because of its NYC bar origin. Gordon went for the "ultimate burger". This monster of a burger contains not one but two beef patties, cheese, bacon, salad and onion rings! If you like burgers, expertly crafted drinks and good music (think the Libertines, Vampire Weekend etc) then you'll love Bar Kohl. It's relatively inexpensive for Edinburgh and it's laidback urban vibe makes it the perfect place to chill out with friends. 

Next in my little pink book (a real thing btw) was Candy. This wasn't my favourite place to be honest but it was fairly cheap and Gordon enjoyed his Long Island Iced Tea in a pint glass! I'd head further down the road to try out Tigerlilly next time.

Our last stop for the night was round the corner to Panda & Sons. A classic speakeasy hidden behind a bookcase in a barbers shop with an extensive "spectrum" of cocktails - each one with a story to tell. This place had an excellent atmospere and so much potential but their whiskey heavy list did nothing for me. The bartender recommended the "Twelve Mile Limit" when I told him I enjoyed sweet, fruity cocktails but the cognac flavour was far too overpowering for me and I couldn't drink it. Really I should of just stuck to what I know and asked for a plain old cosmo! We left feeling disappointed but if you like your drink strong this is the place for you.

We'd had so many recommendations for bars and restaurants in Edinburgh that we couldn't possibly fit them all into one night. It was time to head back through the streets of the Old Town to our big comfy hotel bed.

Surprisingly we felt quite fresh the following morning - I even made it to the hotel gym! Breakfast was our top priority though (most important meal of the day!) so we headed over to The Edinburgh Larder on Blackfriars Street*. Gordon enjoyed the full works - sausage, bacon, black pudding,egg,  toast, beans and mushrooms - with his coffee, while I stuck to my trusty old porridge and green tea. Both were spot on and I'd recommend the Edinburgh Larder if you're looking for breakfast in the city. It looks like they'd do a good scone too!

There's so much we didn't manage to squeeze into our time in Edinburgh but we had a fab time and will probably head back again soon!

Have you ever been to Scotland's capital?

Christy xx

* If you're staying at the G&V Hotel they'll charge you £35 for 24 hours parking. We found a car park on Blackfriars Street (same street as The Edinburgh Larder, which was handy!) that charged £19 instead, so it's worth researching! 
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