Monday, 30 June 2014

another weekend... in the gym #16


It would of been a good week if it wasn't for my biscuit binges. I'm divorcing my family cause I only eat them when I visit them haha. I made a chilli con carne with turkey mince, quinoa salads and this cajun jambalaya from Food for Fitness. I worked out my macros this week - I failed to stick to them but am on it now! The hardest part is reaching my protein intake of 175g. Seriously, how am I meant to do this, eat 4 whole chickens a day?! My fridge is now fully stocked with chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, greek yoghurt and cottage cheese so we'll see how I get on.


Monday - Swam 1km - my first swim in months, I really enjoyed it!
Tuesday - Kettlebells & metafit
Wednesday - Rest day
Thursday - Morning metafit, Insanity class
Friday - Weights
Saturday - Rest day
Sunday - HIIT & weights

I'm away to try out my first ever yoga class tonight and can't wait! Any tips?

Christy xx

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  1. Great post,love!You have an amazing blog.Following you now via GFC,hope you'll do the same!
    xoxo Antonella!


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