Monday, 1 September 2014

another weekend... in the gym #25


Monday - Breakfast: Peach, Greek yoghurt with berries & granola. Lunch: Pret a Manger crayfish & quinoa protein pot, greek yoghurt with honey. Dinner: Baked eggs with cheese & jalapeno focaccia. Snacks: Homemade quinoa breakfast bar, banana, sh*t loads of granola.

Tuesday - Breakfast: Porridge with berries, chia, flax & bee pollen. Lunch: Poached eggs, avocado & grilled tomato on rye. Dinner: Chicken & quinoa curry with asparagus. Snacks: Banana, Greek yoghurt with peaches & berries. 

Wednesday - Breakfast: Porridge with berries, chia, flax & bee pollen. Lunch: Chicken & feta salad. Dinner: Chicken & quinoa curry with asparagus. Snacks: Handful of nuts, Greek yoghurt with peaches & honey.

Thursday - Breakfast: Porridge with peaches, chia, flax & bee pollen. Lunch: Chicken & feta salad. Dinner: Chicken & quinoa curry with asparagus. Snacks: Greek yoghurt with berries, Greek yoghurt with honey & dates.

Friday - Breakfast: Porridge with berries, chia & flax. Lunch: Chicken & feta salad. Dinner: Kale & feta omelette. Snacks: Tuna, Greek yoghurt with peaches. Had friends round before a gig at night so had crudites with houmous, strawberries dipped in dark chocolate & a few drinks. 

Saturday - Breakfast: Porridge with berries, chia & flax. Lunch: Chicken & feta salad with baked beans (random I know!) Dinner: Wagamamas chicken katsu curry (asked for brown rice but they'd ran out) & shared a few starters. White chocolate & ginger cheesecake for dessert. Snacks: Greek yoghurt & peach. Tried the lotus spread on a rice cake (yum!) and ended up eating a Toffee Crisp biscuit & Gordon's cinnamon swirl. (Sorry Gordon...)

Sunday - Breakfast: Porridge with peaches, blueberries, chia & flax. Lunch: Greek yoghurt with peaches & flax. (The paintballing place only served burgers so I came prepared!) Dinner: Stopped at a carvery on the way home so opted for turkey & piled my plate with veg. Snacks: Banana, Nakd bar, Greek yoghurt with honey.

After an emotional breakdown at PT (slight over reaction to a 1% increase in body fat but my head was in a crappy place with it all!) I have finally managed to cut the crap. It's not perfect but definitely getting better - my belly isn't so bloated & sore and I'm not having a late night binge every day! Trying not to put so much pressure on myself as it ends up being all I think about & just makes me eat even more. This week I've been obsessed with peaches. They're in season so the shops are full of them - they're all juicy and amazing! Also think I should have shares in Fage Total 0% Greek yoghurt...


Monday - Rest day. (Travelling for work)
Tuesday - Kettlebells, personal training & metafit.
Wednesday - Weights.
Thursday - Insanity class.
Friday - Rest day.
Saturday - Rest day.
Sunday - Paintballing!

I'm looking forward to getting back to yoga this coming week! What classes will you be heading to?

Christy xx


  1. I think i need to take up yoga! Might do a session today actually since I'm sore from weights yesterday!

  2. Love avocado and eggs great combo! I do my workouts at home which will be a range of cardio, strength and stretching : )

  3. Looks absolutely delicious!! I need to get myself back to the gym asap!!


  4. Oh wow your breakfast looks delicious, and I don't even like avocado! I've just signed up for the gym and I'm not sure whether I want to just work out on my own for a bit to build up my strength before joining any classes. I do want to try the spin classes but I don't want to dive in a the deep end. They also have a climbing wall so I need to get myself all trained up for that because it's so much fun!
    Water Painted Dreams xo


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