Monday, 29 September 2014

another weekend... in the gym #27


Meals 2 & 3 from Tuesday... yes, there's another 4!!

Just over a week into my new meal plan and I'm loving it! I'm never hungry or feeling deprived -  most of the meals are an absolute treat and some days I can only manage to eat 5 out of 6 meals! The Kung Pao chicken is my favourite so far. It's basically chicken & veg cooked in a spicy peanut sauce and tastes so freaking good! Having something other than porridge for breakfast is still weird. I've been eating it every morning for a couple of years now so consuming a tower of protein pancakes or a turkey omelette first thing in the morning is taking a bit of getting used to! There's been a good deal of time consuming meal prep involved but it should be easier this week as I cooked up big batches and froze them ready to defrost the night before. I won't find out if it's made any difference to my body composition for a few weeks yet but my belly is feeling much better, less bloated/irritated. I'm off to a good start I think... even the protein shakes and instant oats are growing on me!


Monday - Yoga.
Tuesday - Kettlebells & Metafit.
Wednesday - Rest day.
Thursday - Insanity.
Friday - Weights.
Saturday - The Beast Race!!
Sunday - A well earned rest day.

Took it easier this week in prep for Saturday's Beast Race - a 10km run with 30 obstacles to tackle along the route. It's my first ever obstacle challenge and was probably one of the worst ones, right after tough mudder I reckon, but I loved it! I'll be doing a proper post on the day soon :)

Have you ever done a similar challenge?

Christy xx

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  1. Congrats on finishing your race!
    You going to share your kung pao chicken recipe? ;)


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