Sunday, 8 March 2015

Dinner at The Courtyard, Aberdeen

I was recently asked to share my favourite Aberdeen fast feasts and destination dining spots for I'll be adding more to the list when I can so keep an eye on the website! It's such a handy site - wherever you're headed in the world, look up the city's page & you'll find epic places to eat, all recommended by local foodies!

Last weekend Glasgow foodies Emma & Mark came up to the Granite City to meet up for some foodie chat and (more importantly) actual food. It was the perfect time to try out a restaurant I've been meaning to visit for a while now - The Courtyard.

As a big fan of all the other Eat Beetroot outlets - Adelphi Kitchen, Rye & Soda, Bos'n, The Tippling House - I was confident that the Courtyard would be up to scratch. 

And I wasn't wrong. 

(I never am.)

Tucked down a wee lane in Aberdeen's West End, the restaurant is fairly small and cosy but not overcrowded - plenty personal space & privacy between tables! "People who love to eat are always the best people" - and people who love to eat will love the quotes on The Courtyard's walls. I was impressed before we'd even picked our starters. The bartender mixed me up a cosmopolitan in a flash, despite the fact that there's no cocktail list, and we were served some delicious, complimentary fresh baked tomato bread with bacon (!) butter and a plate of haggis bon bons. All of which went down a storm at our table of food lovers!

Rock Rose Gin Cured Scottish Salmon / Cucumber / Shallot / Juniper

Hand dived west coast scallops / Lamb Sweetbreads / Savoy Cabbage / Pancetta

The presentation at The Courtyard is top notch and the starters lived up to expectations. Although well presented, the large plates make the portions look fairly small but it's all an illusion! My main course had so much pork that I was struggling to finish it... It tasted so good that I forced it down obviously.

Mossimans Pork 2 Ways / Pan basted fillet & slow cooked belly / Sweet apple / Glazed potatoes / Pak choi & pan jus

8oz centre cut fillet steak / Roast vine tomato / Chestnut mushroom & squash fricasse / Chips / Watercress 

Look at the size of the chips! I was slightly jealous of Gordon's plate. My favourite course by a mile was dessert though. It took me ages to decide but I knew I'd be jealous of the tart if Gordon got it and I didn't. Food envy is not Gordon's favourite. The poached pear was my other option - I'm told it was a winner but I regret nothing!!!

White chocolate custard tart / Raspberry / Brown bread ice cream

Warm poached pear / Hazelnut textures / Speculoos

Dinner at The Courtyard is served from 5pm and 3 courses will cost you £40, including the additional haggis bon bons & "hand crafted sweets to finish". I reckon it's a reasonable price for the amount and standard of the food! The staff were great and the atmosphere is nice and relaxed even though the menu is more formal sounding. It's an ideal place to celebrate an anniversary or birthday! Or graduation... driving test... new home... promotion... any excuse really.

I slept very well that night.

*My photos are taken with my iPhone - for better Courtyard photography have a look on Foodie Quine!


  1. Okay I am adding this to my "Aberdeen Bucket List" - it looks incredible! x

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

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  3. Thanks for the mention, glad you enjoyed your meal. The Warm poached pear / Hazelnut textures / Speculoos sounds amazing.


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