Jelly Squares

Last week I made these yummy jelly squares using my Mum's recipe. They're possibly my most favourite treat ever! Making them is easy but a little time consuming as you have to wait for the middle layer to set before you add the jelly.

You will need:
1 Packet of Nice biscuits
6oz Margarine or butter
1 Large tin of condensed milk (mmm!)
Juice of 2 (small!) lemons
Gelatine powder
1 Packet raspberry jelly

Step 1: Crush all of the biscuits, melt the butter/marg and mix together. Press this mixture into your tray (I used a casserole dish) to make your bottom layer.

Step 2: Dissolve 1 dessert spoon of the Gelatine powder in 3/4 cup of boiling water. Mix it together with the whole tin of condensed milk and the lemon juice. Try not to squirt lemon juice in your eye - it hurts!
Then pour this over your biscuit base and pop it in the fridge until it sets.

Step 3: Make up your raspberry jelly with 1/2 pint of boiling water. Allow this to cool before pouring over your (set!) gelatine layer.

Pop it back in the fridge until completely set, cut it into whatever sized portions you want et voila!
My favourite "funcy piece" :)



  1. these look so yummy! :) x

  2. woahh these look amazing!! your like nigella lawson!! xx

  3. They look good, I want to make them now! Condense milk is the best thing in the world!!! xxx

  4. I am bookmarking this recipe to make this next week! They look great! :)

  5. I just made them now, they are setting. When you make yours you should push your biscuits down more. Then you will have nicer layers.