Supersize Strawberry Tart

Strawberry season is fast approaching so today I'm sharing an amazingly easy but delicious Strawberry Tart recipe! Every year my Mum gets our local bakers to make a giant strawberry tart for my birthday, as I'm not a big fan of birthday cake. So the other day when I was drooling over the thought of this, I realised I'd have to make one myself. My birthday is still 2 months away and I just couldn't wait that long! I googled strawberry tart recipes and decided to give it a go...

You Will Need:
200g cream cheese (Philadelphia)
Strawberry jam (with no bits!)
Icing sugar
450g Strawberries
1 Large Sweet Pastry case (or make your own if you're not as lazy as me!)

Step 1:
Mix together 200g Philadelphia with a tablespoon of icing sugar - add more if you want it sweeter! Then spread it over the pastry case for your filling!

Step 2:
Slice the strawberries into halves and then arrange them on top of the cream cheese filling. I popped a whole strawberry in the centre and then worked my way out to the edges with the strawberry halves. Looking good already, right?

Step 3:
For the strawberry sauce - melt 4 tablespoons of jam over a low heat and add 2 or 3 tablespoons of water until the jam is completely melted and starts to look more like liquid!

Step 4:
Pour the strawberry sauce over the tart until all the filling and strawberries are covered. Chill in the fridge for about 30mins... et voila! Your very own AMAZING Supersize Strawberry Tart! It literally takes no more than half an hour to make, is perfect for summer and will impress all your friends at those jubilee celebrations ;)


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