I wanna plan something nice for the weekend...

Finally getting round to blogging my outfit from my brother's birthday celebrations last weekend! It's a smart casual look which was perfect for an evening of pizza, cake and drinks! And Radio 1's Hackney weekend on TV... rock n roll ;)

H&M blazer & sandals // Dorothy Perkins top // Primark jeans // Eclectic Eccentricity sweet dreams dreamcatcher necklace // New Look bracelets

I've been looking for a smart top I could pair with jeans and a blazer for a while now. I always seem to either be completely underdressed or way over the top - I'm not very good at the inbetweeny look. However I think I've finally nailed it! This top was reduced to £7 in Dorothy Perkins, and I got it at a complete bargain price of £5.95 using my YoungScot card (seriously if you're under 26 & living in Scotland, you need one of these). This outfit would be ideal for a girly lunch date or a few drinks after work. I'm pretty pleased with myself. The blazer is from H&M's conscious collection. I picked it up a while ago & this is the 1st opportunity I've had to actually wear it. The peplum/frill detail on the sides gives the blazer a more feminine hourglass shape as well as making it a unique design. Also wearing my bargain £7.99 sandals - loving H&M right now!

Tomorrow morning I'm heading to Glasgow for work so am up bright and early at 4am! Hoping I'll have a bit of time for sale shopping on Argyle street! Any recommendations from you Glasgow girlies will be greatly appreciated?? And on that note I'll love you & leave you - I need my beauty sleep!

[Loving this song right now, has a bit of a Naked & Famous feel to it ^^]



  1. You look gorgeous hun, love the whole look esp that blazer:)xx


  2. I adore the deatiling on the blazer, really makes it stand out!

  3. i really like this blazer, especially the detailing on the back! you little purdy bird.x