The Last Bus Cafe; Let me sleep all night in your soul kitchen...

Hope you're all enjoying the jubilee weekend! I've only had yesterday and today off but am making the most of it! Last night Gordon and I went on a mini road trip to hunt down the elusive Last Bus Cafe. It's quite funny really - I had never heard of it til a friend at work told me about it last week (or "the hippy cafe" as she calls it), but I forgot all about it & didn't even mention it to Gordon... until he came home the following day with the web address scrawled on a bit of paper by one of his work mates! Coincidence? Well anyhoo, it sounded right up our street so we went to investigate. I couldn't find any actual address/postcode online, just that it was in the New Pitsligo area (middle of nowhere) but it was much easier to find than we thought...

The building is made entirely of recycled materials - mainly old telegraph poles, scaffolding tubes and erm...bits of bus? Haha the guy who owns it is restoring a couple of old London(?) busses so the seats in the cafe are old bus seats and there are other random bits and bobs we spotted that are probably from busses as well. We also spotted his old reliant robin on the way up which pleased Gordon & his love of vintage cars! [Which reminds me, our Capri is almost ready to go back on the road!!] Apparently the lost cafe is open 24/7 so it was about 8pm when we got there. They weren't serving food at the time but we got a cup of tea/coffee and a couple of biscuits and the 2 ladies who served us were friendly and welcoming. Next time I think we'll go about lunch time to get some food. It's strictly vegetarian only but I'm cool with that ;)

These pictures aren't great but I think you get the idea! The walls were adorned with old film posters and vinyl and there was random pieces of musical equipment dotted about. Obviously the organ which you can't miss, a couple of guitars (including a vintage martin!), an amp, a tambourine and a mic. Apparently people come up here to jam every now and then so next time we'll probably bring a few friends and the guitars. The countryside makes for a very relaxed and peaceful atmosphere and we were fascinated by pretty much everything in the place! I've already done a photo overload but there was so much more I could of showed you! The cuckoo clock kept me amused too haha. There are more buildings to investigate (an old hanger type building where the busses live and what I think might be an old train carraige) so we'll be back again soon for a better look. My sister will be coming next time hopefully so I'll steal some of her photos, they're guaranteed to be better than mine!

Here's the obligatory photo of what I wore! I did have my Mary Katrantzou leggings on with this but decided to change to red, white and blue to get into the jubilee spirit ;)
Next time I'll be wearing more appropriate countryside footwear ha. This little review really doesn't do the place justice, but I can see us spending much of our summer here and definitely recommend a visit. You can find it at The Quarry, New Pitsligo, Ab43 7RA - Get the sat nav out!



  1. That cafe looks amazing! What a great idea!

    ♥ Leigh

  2. love those bright leggings! xx

  3. Beautiful pictures! Looks like you had a grand time! xo

  4. Oh this cafe sounds right up my street, so cool, kooky and vintage! Lovely place to spend an afternoon! And I really love your Jubilee outfit! The red tights are a nice touch to the white dress! And shame about your Mary Katrantzou, I'd have loved to see them!

    Gemma x

  5. Wow what an amazing place! Love finding hidden gems like that xxx

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