Roadtrip Part 2 - You can leave the country, but you'll never leave my heart...

I attempted to snap some of my favourite parts of the country on our drive but quickly realised taking scenic photographs while travelling at 70(ahem!)mph is no easy task. The 1st picture below is of the hillside just after Dundee, which I'm always fascinated by when driving past. The 2nd is of Stirling Castle. You can't see much of the castle in the photo but the sky looks pretty above it... Anyone else feel all patriotic when travelling around Scotland? No, just me?

We arrived in Glasgow around 4pm so had time for a quick change before heading out for dinner. I wore my New Look jacket over my white lace dress to make it more gig appropriate and added my ancient Primark heels (which I found hidden forgotten at the back of my wardrobe!) for a little edge...

New Look jacket (sale) // Republic white dip-hem dress // Primark heels (old) // River Island bag // Jewellery as before

We stopped at the Kama Sutra indian restaurant on Sauchiehall Street for curry, cocktails and a free shot! Well it would of been rude to say no. After that we headed down to King Tuts Wah Wah Hut to meet up with Gordon's cousins and watch their band The NK Jays play as part of King Tuts' Summer Nights 2012. The gig was the only night of the festival to sell out and after watching Seed and The NK Jays I can see why - they played a fantastic set and it was good to get a few drinks and a catch up!

I've said it on here before but you should definitely have a listen to the NK Jays - they have quite an indie rock sound with a hint of the blues and some pretty epic lyrics! They even supported King Charles at King Tuts last year! Check out their website or Youtube channel if you fancy a listen.



  1. I was expecting this post to be somewhere exotic when I opened it lol. Was so weird to see places that I am oh so familiar with but Scotland can be pretty at times and Glasgow is one of the best places ever I think although I am a little bias. Where is it you're from?

    Much love: If you fancy a nosey.


    1. I'm from a little town just north of Aberdeen, so about 3-4 hours away from Glasgow! x