Hunter & Jimmy Choo: These boots were made for walking...

Just a quick update to show you my typical Sunday attire. I've said before I often like to dress up on a Sunday after a week of wearing a dull, unflattering uniform but this is more of a relaxed casual outfit, perfect for long walks with Gordon and our dog Harley. My sister gave me this top for my birthday... best sister ever, right? I love the bright summer print and peplum shape. 

ASOS daisy print peplum top // Dorothy Perkins jeans // Hunter & Jimmy Choo wellies // Eclectic Eccentricity necklace

The wellies were a treat to myself a couple of years ago. I picked them up from Jimmy Choo's online sale - a lot of people think I'm an idiot for spending so much on wellies but they're comfortable, practical and stylish! I wear them to festivals, to walk the dog and even to walk to work when the dreaded snow arrives. So, on a cost per wear basis, I'd say I've got my moneys worth. The good quality rubber that Hunter is so famous for means I can pretty much rest assured I'll be wearing these beauts for years to come. The only downside is that I struggle to keep the rubber looking shiny and clean! But anyway, lets call them an investment ;)  

I've been doing lots of walking lately to try and burn off some unwanted calories before my holiday, so the Hunters are coming in handy on the country lanes! Today I've already been to the gym and am hoping to go cycling with my sister and do even more walking! Hows your weekend going?



  1. You look lovely! And I love how you sometimes include your dog in your photos, so cute!

    1. thanks! haha sometimes I don't have a choice, he's pretty good at jumping in unexpectedly too x

  2. Looks like your sister has good taste!

  3. Gorgeous top! Found your blog through this weeks '#bbloggers', you have such a lovely style xxx

  4. People thought I was nuts when I bought my Vivienne Westwood wellies too. Then they broke, so I guess I was :(
    I love your dog!

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  5. Looking good :) love the print on your top and very jealous of your amazing wellies.

    Jo. x

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