The Giraffe Suit: Keep your head up, keep your heart strong...

When the pyjama trend emerged from the catwalks last year, I practically snorted into my green tea as I read all about it in Grazia. As if I could ever possibly wear anything even slightly like PJs out in public. Silky trousers outside!? Especially in this small town full of small minded people. Where anyone who dares to even wear a dress in the day time is questioned about where they're going and why they're "so dressed up". (True story!) But that was before I spotted this beauty. In ASDA of all places...

G:21 at ASDA giraffe print jumpsuit // Dorothy Perkins belt // Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses // H&M sandals & jacket (below) // Eclectic Eccentricity Cleopatra necklace 

Not only does it fall into the scary pyjama category, but it's a jumpsuit too! Now I've worn the odd playsuit now and then, but a jumpsuit to me is a whole different kettle of fish. I used to think they were the most unflattering and ugly type of clothing. But again, then I discovered this. The "giraffe suit" as I like to call it. Despite everything telling me NOT to buy this, I just couldn't resist the cute giraffe print. Even as I was handing over my hard earned cash (only £20 by the way!) my mind was telling me that I'd be straight back to return this monstrosity the next day. But I wasn't. I freaking love the giraffe suit!! The cut is quite flattering, especially with the belt added and the gold buttons and strapped back add a more grown up, chic element to the outfit. 

Harley loves a bit of photobombing in case you hadn't noticed!

I'll admit, I was nervous wearing the giraffe suit out in Peterhead to start with. It's the kind of place where anybody who stands out or dares to be different is immediately judged. People stare - how rude! But I actually got a few compliments wearing this! I dressed it down for day time with my simple H&M sandals and biker jacket, and added the necklace because it went with the African/tribal theme of the jumpsuit. My Cleopatra necklace arrived from Eclectic Eccentricity last Monday & I've barely taken it off since. I am completely in love with the design - it's even prettier in real life than on their website! My only negative is that I find the chain is too long for this style of necklace, but I guess that's just my personal preference. Plus that's easily fixed with the help of my handy boyfriend!

So what do you think - could your hometown handle a giraffe print jumpsuit!? Or is small town snobbery all in my self conscious mind? ;)


  1. I dunno much about playsuits cos i dont wear them, but i do see some pj like clothing that are flattering! I love your necklace!!!!

  2. i know EXACTLY what you mean about small town snobbery haha whereas in the big city no-one bats an eye - you get all sorts of crazy characters here :) loving the giraffes btw.xx

  3. Where I live is the same; constantly getting stares at the bus stop :')
    I love that jumpsuit and that necklace looks great with it :)

  4. WOW. you make me want a jumpsuit!x

  5. That jumpsuit is lovely! I love how you teamed it with that jacket... gorgeous!


  6. The print on this is so cute, you really suit this jumpsuit.

    Jo. x

  7. Ahhh you look fabulous! But I completely agree with what you are saying! I always thought I'd never wear PJS outside in real life ever...the Liverpool girls do enough of that already! But looking at all lookbooks online lately...I've been umming and ahhing over whether to succumb to the trend or not. And you are convincing me I should! Plus I live in an area too that means if you're not wearing leggings then you bet your bottom dollar you'll get judged. Queue the pitchforks.

    Gemma x

  8. Ahhhh you look lovely! It really suits you :) xo

  9. you look so great :)

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