Lucky in Louboutin

I said the other day that the fashion Gods have been looking down on me lately. Well, they've done it again and I've been so freaking excited to share this!! Somehow, I managed to pick up a pair of second hand but never worn Christian Louboutin heels, for the amazing price of £60!

Yes, you read that right, 60 freaking quid!!
On Wednesday night a local second hand shop uploaded a photo of these beauties to their Facebook page with the £60 price tag. They're a size 5, I'm usually a 6. Despite this I sent off a private message asking if it would be possible to hold them for me to try on. They obliged and I was ecstatic! But at the back of my mind I couldn't help but wonder (check out Carrie Bradshaw over here!) if it was just wishful lustful thinking on my part.
A. They'd probably be too small.
B. Who in their right mind would be selling genuine Louboutins at that price!?

Photos by my sister, Laura. (Thanks!) 

My sister drove me there the next morning and I gave them the 'once over' to make sure they were genuine. They have all the Louboutin trademarks and come complete with dustbag and box, and even still have the protective plastic seal on their beautiful red soles! The box is slightly damaged due to being brought home from the USA. I questioned why they were being sold, especially at that price? Apparently some unfortunate woman has a very generous husband who buys her designer shoes as gifts...except this particular pair weren't to her taste. So she never wore them. They lay in her wardrobe "haunting her" until she decided she had to get rid. What a tragedy! I'm about 95% sure they're genuine. If not, they're a very convincing fake!!

And to my surprise/luck - the size 5 is a snug but perfect fit! My life = Made! I cannot wait to put on my sparkly new red soled shoes and go dancing with my girls!



  1. I had a smile on my face reading though that. :') Well done for finding such an amazing bargain! :D x

  2. They're STUNNING! I'm a wee bit jealous but totally happy for you :D xx

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  4. Replies
    1. just a local 2nd hand boutique in a small town near my home - it's called 'Second best'. x

  5. You have the best luck! High & glittery isn't exactly my taste but for some Loubies, I would not turn them down ;)

  6. Lucky lucky you! Those look absolutely divine! Are they comfortable though?

    Cinnamon Spring

    1. more comfortable than I expected! I think because of the high platform, my feet aren't at too much of an odd angle! x