New York, New York! : Day 6

Our penultimate day in the concrete jungle was a day of wondering. Our 1st stop was Macy's on 34th Street - I was underwhelmed by the experience, mostly because I didn't find anything to buy - and then we wondered around town in search of a Magnolia Bakery. Our feet were aching and we were roasting in the 30 degree heat but after a classic New York pizza pitstop we eventually stumbled across one.... 3 blocks away from our bloody hotel!

My banana cupcake was worth it. Even if I did get half the chocolate frosting all over my face! We nipped back to our hotel to freshen up and then strolled in the sunshine to Central Park. Our 2nd favourite New York haunt by now, after Greenwich Village!

I wore... Primark dress & earrings // H&M sandals // Religion bag // Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses

Gordon got bored of his rented remote control boat fairly quickly, and with the promise of cocktails afterwards he convinced me to get in a rowing boat with him. I hate boats. Luckily the scenery and laughter was enough to make up for it. And those cocktails helped too!
 We sipped peach bellinis into the wee hours on the deck of the boathouse, and then drunkenly walked danced our way back through Central Park.
 We stopped at Five Guys for "the best burgers in town" - thanks for the tip off, Rose!
 And I even found heaven on route back to our hotel...

Needless to say I had sweet shoe dreams that night!


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