Peanut Butter Eyeballs

Hallowe'en is one of the reasons I love this time of year so much. Every year my friends and I get dressed up and have a good old fashioned spooky party. Except this year I've had to cancel. Gordon and I have just booked a trip to Paris for New Year (yay!!) so I'll be spending the next few months saving as much as possible whilst preparing for Christmas at the same time! Which means I can't afford a new costume/night out. BUT, just because I'm not dressing up, doesn't mean I can't still reap the benefits of Hallowe'en, right?

Introducing the Peanut Butter Eyeball...

 My sister actually helped me make these for last year's Hallowe'en party, so technically I ripped it off of her. But she ripped it off of my Mum's "peanut butter bomb" recipe ;)

You will need:
2oz Margarine (melted)
Half a jar of Peanut Butter
1-2 cups of cornflakes (I used Frosties cause I already had them)
1 cup icing sugar
8 squares of white cooking chocolate
1 tube of smarties
& a red icing pen

It's so easy you could practically make them with your eyes shut [insert eyeball joke here]  - Just mix together the butter, icing sugar, cornflakes and peanut butter, then roll the mixture into balls.

Melt the chocolate (I did mine in the microwave but be careful doing this - check it & stir every 10 seconds!) and then roll your balls *snigger* in the chocolate until they're completely covered. You will get messy but thats the fun part! Pop a smartie in each one as the pupil. Or iris? I really should know this shit...

Once you've done this for all of them you can pop them in the fridge to set. Don't leave them too long though or they'll stick to the plate and fall apart when you try to take them off - I found this out the hard way! Anyway, simply use your red icing pen to draw on veins, thus making them creepy but delicious bloodshot eyeballs! 

Et voila! Serve up as a treat at your Hallowe'en party. Your guests will have fun with them...

or if, like me, you're staying in this year - enjoy with a cup of tea and your favourite scary movie!



  1. They are so damn cute! I need to share this with my facebook - my friends will love these. We are such big halloween fans too.

    Much Love: If you fancy a nosey. I am collecting buttons too, so if you would like me to add yours - let me know. xx

  2. I LOOOOOOOVEEE Halloween. But I would forsake it in a minute for a fabulous trip to Paris :)

  3. These are so cool! Thanks for sharing - I definitely have to make some for this year!