Christian Dior at Printemps

This winter Paris' famous department store Printemps Haussmann played host to some spectacular window displays curated by the one and only Dior. I believe they took over the interior of the store as well but, being January 1st, the store was closed and I didn't get a chance to revisit. Luckily the windows were enough to make me jump up and down with joy. Coming from the miserable North East of Scotland, where the most exciting thing in a shop window is a "closing down" sale sign, I am easily pleased. But these really were something. Even Gordon ("I hate fashion and shopping") got his camera out!


Each of the 74 dolls is handcrafted and adorned with miniature versions of Dior Haute Couture - including dresses from Raf Simons debut collection for the fashion house - and iconic Dior accessories, such as the Lady Dior handbag. They dance, skate and float around in hot air balloons with the City of Light's best attractions in the background. These fascinated the children (and myself) but adults were also catered for, with stunning couture gowns displayed alongside chandeliers, leopards and classic Dior perfumes, shoes and bags.

So one huge Parisian department store combined with one of Paris' most well known and respected fashion houses, to create a Parisian inspired spectacle, set in Parisian landmarks, accompanied by typically Parisian music... that's my idea of heaven.



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    1. haha so did I, but I didn't know how to say "Get lost brats!!" in French ;) x

  2. OH MY WOW. Such amazing window displays. Beautiful. Just having seen them on your blog has made me happy so you must have been uber smiley!

    Hope you had a great xmas and new year.

    Much Love: If you fancy a look.


  3. Lovely! I must get back to Paris soon!

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