Romance Day @ Eat on the Green

Valentine's Day is a funny one. It's technically our anniversary (4 years now!) but we don't always celebrate it. Last year we chose not to swap gifts or go out cause we were both skint, and this year decided to treat each other to a top notch lunch at Eat on the Green. I was not expecting to come home to these...

I suppose he's not the world's worst boyfriend every day.

Our lunch at Eat on the Green definitely lived up to their reputation. Everything was cooked to perfection and presented beautifully. I got carried away with my starter and ate the lot before you could even say "instagram". I'm a blogging failure!!! I did remember to take photos of the other courses though ;)

 I had the beef for main. It fell apart on the plate and practically melted in my mouth. 

 Gordon chose the venison, which he loved!

We both opted for the "Taste of Eat on the Green" for dessert - Berry pavlova, sticky toffee pudding, deconstructed Bailey's cheesecake, salted caramel ice cream and lemon posset. Yum! I was so full I couldn't finish mine. Really we should of just got one between us but hey, if we had a brain we'd be dangerous!
At 3 courses for £24.95 it is well worth the trip for an extra special lunch!

Hope you all had a great Valentines Day with your loved ones too!



  1. Food looks delicious, I need ice-cream now. lol ;)

    Kayleigh x

  2. I love the balloon & flowers! That food looks mighty tasty.

    The Style Rawr!