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On our last night in Amsterdam, Gordon and I decided we wanted to get dressed up (ok I decided that part) and go for a nice meal. After deciding we'd need to try somewhere other than MOMO, and that Jamie Oliver's Fifteen was too far away, we pinned our hopes on the ever helpful hotel staff and asked them for suggestions. The words "classy" and "cocktails" led the tall, sophisticated looking receptionist to recommend Blinq.

Blinq is located on the Leidseplein - a 5 minute walk from MOMO and right behind Max Euweplein (where you'll find Wagamama & The Hard Rock Cafe). We'd visited this area of the city so many times and yet somehow never wondered down this particular street. It's lined with various good looking restaurants and bars and is somewhere we wished we'd discovered earlier.

We were greeted by a cheery waiter who went in search of some English menus and fetched us some cocktails while we found a seat on the terrace in the sun. Except the sun wasn't quite as warm as I'd hoped. It was pretty chilly in the wind, but the waiter even kept up his cheeriness when I decided to be awkward and ask to move inside.

Much happier indoors, with Blinq's stylish interior shielding us from the wind! For starters Gordon enjoyed his Dutch shrimp cocktail and I went for the vegetarian spring rolls. Anybody else noticing a spring roll theme in my posts lately!? So far Musa is still in 1st place & MOMO in 2nd. Blinq's spring rolls were pretty damn good though.

I deliberated back and forth for my main, between the chicken noodles and the warm goats cheese salad. Eventually I decided on the noodles and they were a definite winner. The chicken and stir fried veg was literally piled on top and the sweet and sour sauce was spot on. There was just far too much for me, especially when I had my eye on the dessert menu, so I didn't finish it but don't let that put you off!

With our bellies already pretty full we went ahead and ordered dessert, along with the best mojito I've had in a while - I like to taste the lime more than the mint! If there's one thing you can be sure of, it's that I will always order the cheesecake when there's a cheesecake option. And Gordon will always choose sticky toffee pudding. This occasion was no different and the New York cheesecake was calling my name. It was nothing extraordinary but did the job - yum yum! Gordon had the Sticky toffee cake. I don't think it quite lived up to his expectations - his main complaint was that it was cold! But to be fair it was described on the menu as "cake" and not "pudding" so I guess that's the difference? He wolfed it down all the same.

Overall we enjoyed our dinner at Blinq and would definitely return if we're ever back in Amsterdam. If not for any other reasons than the chic decor, tasty cocktails and happy, friendly service! You can also visit Blinq for lunch or coffee and at the weekends they turn into a club with DJ's to entertain you through the night.


P.S - This is my last Amsterdam post - boohoo! :(

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