MOMO - Amsterdam

Our first stop when we arrived around Friday lunch time in Amsterdam, was MOMO. It was recommended by a friend and I'd also spotted it over on Valentina de Pertis' blog so it was high on our list of places to go. MOMO is an asian restaurant, bar and lounge with a modern, western twist. With the Park Hotel above it, it's located in a beautiful area of Amsterdam - overlooking Vondel park, the Singelgracht canal, just off P.C.Hoofstraat (Chanel, Louis Vuitton etc!) and right next to the museum quarter. I honestly can't recommend this place enough! 

With it's sleek, white walls and the sun beaming in through the windows, the restaurant was bright and inviting.

We parked our bums at the bar and ordered up some cocktails - a long island iced tea for Gordon (a manly cocktail apparently) and a lychee martini for me - yum!

Lychee martini

Sharing is encouraged at MOMO, so after asking to see the bar menu we ordered a few dishes between us. When they arrived, we were literally surrounded by food! And oh my god did we love it...

The very nice, friendly barman kept our drinks topped up and told us all about the sauces etc that came with our food. He even supplied us with the free wifi password and a random free cocktail that he had whipped up while we tucked in. I'll be honest - I have no idea what this cocktail was called or what was in it. I did ask, but I was a little tipsy by this point and I have a goldfish memory at the best of times! But I can tell you I enjoyed it. Obviously.

 Aromatic duck roll with hoi sin sauce

 Sweet potato chips

 Spicy fried squid

Chicken skewers with spicy peanut sauce

All of the dishes were absolutely beautiful and we munched up every last morsel between the two of us. My favourite was the duck rolls. I had expected them to be more "pancakey" if you know what I mean, but they were more of a spring roll and a pretty high contender for Musa's haggis version! Excuse me, while I wipe the drool off my laptop...

Watermelon vanilla martini

I could of stayed in MOMO all day, relaxing with a tasty cocktail but seeing as it was our first day in the city I gave in to the call of the shops. We had one more drink for the road and this time, I went for the watermelon vanilla martini. If you ever stop by MOMO do not leave until you try this! I very nearly ordered a bellini but after a quick chat with the barman, who told me the martini would be more refreshing as it was made with real, fresh watermelon, I made the right decision. I'm a fan of any fruity cocktail served in a martini glass so this was right up my street and the best cocktail I had all weekend!

MOMO is an absolute must next time you're in Amsterdam. Granted it's a bit pricey, but in my opinion it is definitely worth it for the great service, food, drinks and luxury atmosphere. Our bill came to just over 100 euros for the 4 dishes & 4 drinks. We weren't charged for the random cocktail or 2 beers that Gordon had, although that may of been a mistake! We only ordered from the bar menu but there are also lunch, dinner and set menus available.

On a side note, we had meant to visit The Butcher (recommended by The Tippling House's Adrian) while we were over there but completely forgot about it. The Butcher is basically an upmarket burger joint hidden through the back of a butchers shop. Turns out, it's owned by the same people as MOMO - Face-Palm! Although we were stupid and missed out on this experience, I suggest you check it out and let us know how you get on? At least I've now found a reason to go back to Amsterdam!


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  1. This place looks great! I really need to visit Amsterdam.
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