Musa - Aberdeen

Judging by my blog, you'd think I was on a mission to try every restaurant in Aberdeen or something! Usually when we're in town we end up in some boring old chain restaurant, normally in Union Square, but I'm getting fed up of it. Don't get me wrong, I love a Wagamama chicken katsu curry or a TGI Friday's strawberry daquiri, but mostly it's the same old over-priced average tasting (probably microwaved) food every time. Aberdeen has so many hidden gems, tucked away down little cobbled streets. Easy to find when you know where to look, but just as easily missed if you don't. So now, when we're in Aberdeen, we're trying new things and I'm sharing them with you here. Hopefully it'll inspire you to bypass Nandos! We've done Soul, Tropeiro and The Tippling House so far,but now it's Musa's turn.

My brother recommended Musa a while ago so, armed with a deal from itison, we headed there last Wednesday. The voucher included  lunch for 2 (a main course and a drink each) all for the bargain price of £14.50 and it was more than worth it! Musa is situated in an old 19th century church on Exchange Street and is a beautiful, original setting. I wish I'd taken more photos of the interior to share, but you'll just have to go and see for yourself! They are known for music and art just as much as the food, so if you head down at the weekend you'll be treated to live music and open mic nights on Mondays.

I went for the classic glass of prosecco. Technically I was celebrating reaching my goal of less than 20% body fat, so that makes 12pm bubbles ok, right?

Gordon went for a half pint of 'Brooklyn'. Musa recommends a Brewdog craft beer to go with each dish so beer lovers are really spoiled for choice!

Haggis, apricot and coriander spring roll with chilli jam

Our voucher didn't cover the cost of a starter, but neither of us could resist the sound of the haggis spring rolls so we both ordered them first! Oh my god, they are possibly one of the best things I've ever tasted. Us Scots don't eat haggis as often as the rest of the world seems to think, but in spring roll form? I'd eat these babies every day if I could!

Musa hotdog, with hand cut chips, red onions and jalapeno mayo

For the main course I went for a Musa hotdog. Completely ruined the 20% achievement but it was so bloody worth it! The chips were perfect and the jalapeno mayo was definitely the icing on the cake. (Sauce on the sausage?)  A hotdog is something that usually reminds me of cheap, easy street food but Musa made it so much more. It was the perfect dish to treat myself to after a whole week of clean eating! I'd 100% recommend Musa to anyone for a relaxed, contemporary meal with family or friends.

Now onto dessert.

We were very kindly invited to The Tippling House to try their PB&J dessert and a cocktail on the house. We sat at the bar and watched Gomes whip up a rhubarb flavoured, gin cocktail. The use of egg whites in cocktails is something I've always found a bit off putting but actually you wouldn't even know it was there, I loved the drink! Top marks for presentation too!

Peanut butter millionaire shortbread, banana ice-cream and rhubarb jelly

At last - the dessert to beat all desserts! It was completely encased in chocolate so I cracked the shell with my fork to find the peanut buttery goodness layered on top of a crunchy biscuit base. I was in heaven!  The banana ice-cream and rhubarb jelly were just right with the millionaire shortbread. We had a chat with Adrian, who recommended a few places to visit in Amsterdam - very helpful, thanks! - and then headed off with a very happy tummy! The PB&J was well worth the wait and I'd go back to have it again and again.

Where are your favourite places to eat in Aberdeen/shire?

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  1. This looks so amazing. When I'm next up I need to make more of an effort to see these places. My parents only ever want to eat at the local in my village.