99 Bar & Kitchen - Aberdeen

Next on our mission to find the best bars and restaurants in Aberdeen was Ninety-Nine Bar & Kitchen. A friend from work was telling me her daughter goes here for cocktails and she thought it would be my kind of place. Gordon's on nightshift at the moment so we barely see each other, we're like ships passing in the night. We've decided that every Saturday I get off (every 3rd weekend) will be date night, as it's also his only night off. It's a way to make sure we spend some proper time together, and this time we decided to visit 99 for lunch before we went to see This Is The End at the cinema!

The bar downstairs is a mixture of modern interior against stone walls, with worn out wooden flooring and mismatched vintage-looking furniture. The large windows let the sun stream in and shed some light on the otherwise dark and mysterious decor. Upstairs there is more of a shabby chic feel with what I would describe as a Granny carpet and more mismatched yet inviting furniture. The sound of Incubus playing in the background got Gordon's seal of approval straight away, and later they got mine when they switched to some classic Rolling Stones tunes!

New Look top // Primark blazer & necklace // River Island leather look jeans // Topshop shoes

We sat upstairs overlooking the bar and started, as usual, by ordering from the seasonal cocktail list. I had a "Garden Party" which was a vanilla vodka based drink and reminded me of some sort of sweetie from my childhood that I can't quite put my finger on! The food menu at 99 is short and simple. You can choose from various sandwiches, hot dogs, burgers and a small selection of sides. Gordon went for the 8oz Ultimate burger (what a surprise) which came piled high with bacon, cheese, pickles and onion rings and a side of yummy, creamy coleslaw. The hotdogs caught my attention and I really enjoyed the Chilli cheese dog. It was literally bigger than my face - and I have a massive head that I can't even fit a hat on! - and was basically a big messy, cheesy delight. Next time I'm going to sample the Mexicana or Pulled Pork version! And I wonder why my body fat percentage is creeping back up...

Garden Party
Chilli cheese hotdog
Ultimate burger

Once we'd finished our lunch we headed down the stairs for another drink. The staff were rushed off their feet and being hassled by a few impatient customers but we were happy to wait. They were clearly busy and doing their best to keep everyone happy in the busy bar, and we'd of happily stayed there all day! This time I treated myself to a champagne based Spring Fizz. They had run out of one of the ingredients but the friendly barman improvised and I was well impressed with the way you slowly start to taste the lemon sherbet sweeties as you drink the sparkling cocktail.

 Long Island Iced Tea
 Spring Fizz

You'll find 99 Bar & Kitchen at 1 Back Wynd, just off Union Street (the one before Belmont Street) and can stalk them on Facebook or Twitter. I can't seem to find an official website but you can see most of their menu here. We'll be back again soon - probably for some birthday cocktails in 2 weeks time! :)



  1. This looks yummy! Will need to pick your brains for good places to eat when I start my course in Aberdeen in September :) xx

  2. I really want to visit Aberdeen now after reading this series of posts, you should be a rep for the city! The hot dog you ate looks incredible, i'm going to have to try and recreate this at home now.

    Rachel xx

  3. I've booked holidays off to come up to Aberdeen in August and I'm compiling lists based on your posts lol! xxx