Wake me up when it's all over...

...when I'm wiser, and I'm older...

If you follow me on twitter or instagram, you'll be well aware it was my birthday this weekend. I love birthdays and always use mine as an excuse for lots of partying and misbehaving. This year was no different. I've had a whole weekend of celebrations with my favourite people and it's been fantastical! My actual birthday was on Saturday (23, in case you're wondering) but I kicked it off on Friday with a girls night out.

Next jumpsuit // Eclectic Eccentricity necklace // Primark belt

Finally got round to wearing my jumpsuit! I've only had it for about 6 months ha. I wore it with a black and gold chain belt and a statement gold necklace - my favourite Eclectic Eccentricity one. My shoes are the studded strappy sandals from Primark but the jumpsuit hides them in every photo. I loved Lynne's summery maxi skirt! We started off at mine with a few Rekorderlig ciders (Have you tried the passion fruit flavour? Yum!) and polished off a bottle of Veuve Clicquot with strawberries before heading through to Aberdeen.

Our first stop was Paramount. It was absolutely heaving with students, you could barely move or get near the bar, so we didn't stay long. We had enough time to try the "Charlie Sheen" shots Amy had suggested. They're made up of vodka, champagne and red bull but weren't as disgusting as I thought they would be. The sugar softens the blow anyway. Next we headed to Dusk, which is officially my new favourite cocktail bar!

Dusk offers something to suit everyone's tastes with an extensive cocktail list. I went for a watermelon martini but the other 2 couldn't decide. We were served by a really nice, welcoming bartender who whipped up a "sweet and fruity" surprise for them - with the help of mine and Lynne's cocktail shaking skills! I love that he got us involved in making the drinks, it made it into more of an experience. I know it's only a little thing but hey, I'm easy pleased. Lynne ended up with a lemon concoction and Amy got some sort of passion fruit martini. They both tasted good but I'm not a big lemon fan so the passion fruit was the winner in my book.

As we were on the guestlist at Nox we only had time for the one drink at Dusk, which was a shame but I'll definitely be back with Gordon in tow. We headed down the road to Nox where we stayed for the rest of the night. This was my first time here and I really enjoyed it. Annoyingly they only serve cocktails on the ground floor, and not the first which is where we spent most of our time. We did nip down for a quick cosmo though, and had a laugh with the DJ and bar staff. They were good fun and very patient, putting up with drunk girls harassing them and stealing their hats! My Lulu Guinness lips clutch was our main photo prop for the night, I don't think I've ever duck-faced so much in my life haha.

We partied til 3am when my feet couldn't take any more and headed home to our much needed comfy beds. Despite feeling slightly rough the next day, I had a magic night and can't wait for the next one! Love my girls!

See the Nox website for guest list/table reservations. Photos marked "NOX" are from their facebook page.


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  1. Looks like you had a fab birthday. And you look amazing!

    All the best for your new year :)