Another weekend... in London!

Those of you who follow me on twitter or instagram will probably be aware I was in London this week. I've been to cities on the other side of the world yet had never visited the UK's very own capital so I thought it was about time I sorted that out. Gordon and I flew down early on Sunday morning and stayed in a Premier Inn for 4 nights. I had a super fun time and wish we could of stayed forever. I love the buzz, the culture and the endless possibilities that the city provides.

London has some pretty impressive architecture to show off. We visited Kensington Palace, the Tower of London, St Paul's Cathedral and even popped round to see Liz at Buckingham Palace (she wouldn't let me use her loo!) but my favourite building was definitely Liberty. The Natural History Museum is another impressive design. It offers free entry so we had a quick wonder round the exhibits before heading to the butterfly tent.

I managed to squeeze in a bit of shopping while we were down but not as much as I would of usually liked! Somehow Prada took all my money off me so I skipped the torture of the flagship stores on Oxford Street and visited some of the city's most wellknown shopping meccas for a browse instead. We did Carnaby Street, Harrods, Liberty, Camden markets (more on that here) and I dragged my rather unimpressed boyfriend down Brick Lane for a nose in the vintage stores and boutiques. The newly opened branch of The Village Bicycle was a personal favourite! Following so many London based bloggers was a huge help while we were there as I stumbled across so many different places I'd of never heard of if it wasn't for them. Places like The Diner which was a big hit for lunch - I recommend the peanut butter shake! 

There's so much on offer in London and we were constantly on the go, flitting from one underground to the other and snapping landmarks on the way. The weather was absolutely beautiful while we were there so we stopped by the Ice Bar to cool down! 

My favourite part of the city was Kensington. If When we go back I'll try to book a hotel in this area. Our hotel was next to Blackfriars bridge so it was still nice and central but I prefer a relaxing stroll through pretty streets to the hustle and bustle of city workers rushing to business meetings. We had an amazing dinner at Bumpkin in Kensington before we went to see Wicked at the Apollo theatre. When I was young I went through a stage of  being obsessed with the Wizard of Oz and I still love it now. Wicked was amazing - I laughed loads and the story kept me hooked the whole way through. If you haven't seen it, you don't know what you're missing!

There's so much more to share on the blog but I think I'll stop here for now, otherwise this will be the world's longest blog post. I could go on forever! I'll be writing up a few separate posts on our favourite food haunts and other stuff we got up to so look out for them. We squeezed loads into our 5 days here but there's still so much we didn't have time to do. Another trip is definitely on the cards! Have you ever been?



  1. So glad you enjoyed London! See you back in Aberdeen!

  2. looks amaze! hope you had fun- jods xo

  3. London is one of my fave cities! I have been 4 times and have booked again to go in December, every time we go we discover something else! We have stayed in Kensington twice, we stay at the Eden Plaza, they have great deals! the rooms are small but perfect for just getting ready and sleeping! loved looking at all your snaps x