Clean Mango Salsa

When you think of clean, healthy eating, I bet you think of boring "rabbit food" salads, right? Well I'll let you into a big secret... I hate salad! More to the point, I hate anything that tastes like actual leaves. Unfortunately these dark, leafy greens (in particular, spinach) are good for you and can provide your body with a huge amount of important nutrients. You don't want to cancel that out by covering them in fatty, sugary, salty dressings to disguise their rank taste. So in an effort to make my greens more edible, I came up with this clean solution. You won't even believe how easy it is to make this mango salsa.

Personally I always thought salsa would be a hassle to make yourself but I was wrong. This recipe will make a large bowlful and (depending on your serving size) will probably serve 6-8.

You will need: 1 mango
                      3 large tomatoes
                      1 red onion
                      1 red chilli (scrape out the seedy suckers!)
                      1 handful fresh coriander
                      Juice of half a lime

Just chop up all your ingredients into small chunks, squeeze the lime juice over the top and mix together. Done! It's a fairly sweet tasting salsa so I did add some crushed chillis later on to spice it up a bit. Prepare it at least half an hour before so that all the flavours have time to mingle, and then serve. I had mine on top of salad, with homemade sweet potato fries and a Piemontese* "filthy" burger. Yum!

*Piemontese meat is leaner than chicken - it has less calories and less fat than chicken per 100g. We picked up a few bits and pieces from Andrew Gordon butchery in Aberdeen. and I can't recommend it enough! The meat is so juicy and tastes absolutely beautiful.



  1. This is worth trying. lookis delish,