London | Dinner at Bumpkin

In my last post I shared my favourite London meal (Tom's Kitchen; read here) so I thought it was only right that I share Gordon's as well. We'd spent the afternoon visiting the Tower of London, the Natural History Museum and the V&A and had worked up quite an appetite. At 7.30pm we were heading to see Wicked so we had to find somewhere that served a little earlier than most places so that we had plenty time to get from South Kensington to Victoria for the show! After wondering 10 minutes from the V&A to Old Brompton Road, we found ourselves at Bumpkin.

The friendly waitress showed us through the bar to the restaurant where we had our pick of the tables. Seeing as this was a pre-theatre dinner for us, it was fairly early and we were the only diners apart from a family of MIC-types that arrived shortly after us. Gordon chose our seats - a little wooden table by the window, brightened up by the shabby chic floral display and sunshine beaming in. It felt like we were dining alfresco in an English garden. There's a really relaxed, family atmosphere in the restaurant and it was easy to get comfortable and feel right at home in our pretty surroundings. We could of quite happily stayed all day while people watching out the window.

Bumpkin, not dissimilar to Tom's Kitchen, boasts a menu of British classics which changes with the seasons. Even their cocktail list carries the theme with names like the "Portobello Martini" and "English Garden". I opted for the fruity "British Martini" which was a gin based cocktail mixed with fresh berries and lemon juice and was perfect for my sweet tooth. Everything on Bumpkin's menu is sustainably sourced from British suppliers to make sure only the top ingredients are used. I reckon I was completely sucked in by the whole championing Britain thing because I ended up choosing fish and chips for dinner - is there anything more British? Coming from Peterhead (largest fishing port in the UK in case you didn't know) I've had my fair share of fish suppers and it's not something I'd usually order in a restaurant. The fish was coated in a delicious crispy batter and the mushy peas were flavoured with mint, which usually I don't like but it went down a treat. The presentation made it look more special than the typical "chipper" version I'm used to and I really enjoyed it. It was a huge portion for me (loadsa chips hidden under there!) but I managed to polish off the lot.

Gordon did his usual "man eat meat" caveman impression and ordered the fillet steak. It must of been good because he hasn't stopped going on about it since! His steak was served with roasted tomato, breaded bone marrow, chips and Bearnaise sauce. He doesn't like sauce on his steak so was pleased when it arrived in a separate dish. The only thing he didn't like was the bone marrow. Not that there was anything wrong with it, he just doesn't like it in general. I tried to get him to at least try it but it turned into a childish game of dares and I ended up being the one doing the taste test! It actually didn't taste bad but I wasn't keen on the jelly texture. 

Another cocktail down, we moved onto dessert. The seasonal pudding menu was filled with strawberries, Pimm's and ice-cream options - typical British summertime treats! Gordon's favourite dessert ever is sticky toffee pudding so I reckon this is what made Bumpkin his stand out London meal. He got a huge portion served with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice-cream. My dessert was really nice - iced dark chocolate and honeycomb slices with fresh strawberries and a yoghurt dressing - but nothing fancy. I couldn't really taste the honeycomb in it which was a shame as I'm a big fan, but it went down a treat anyway.

Bumpkin gave us a really enjoyable dinner in beautiful surroundings and I felt like I was lost in a dream there. It's almost too pretty, like some sort of fantasy land filled with flowers, fresh berries and sunshine. The Chelsea branch has an outdoor area called the Secret Garden which makes perfect sense and pretty much describes how the South Kensington restaurant felt to me. You can also find Bumpkin in Notting Hill and Westfield - see more info on their website.

Primark top and skirt // H&M sunglasses and sandals // Prada bag 

Eventually we had to drag ourselves away and hot footed it to South Kensington tube station. If you're planning to go to London's Apollo Victoria theatre and are looking for a casual pre-theatre dinner, I couldn't recommend Bumpkin enough. It's a short tube ride away and will put you in a good mood for the evening!



  1. Aaaah Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding is the best STP I've ever tasted! We didn't spot Bumpkin when we were down at the weekend but I might pop in on my next trip - the food looks amazing x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  2. I'm loving your London posts Christy! Getting me excited for December! x

    1. Glad you're not bored of them yet! London will be amazing in December with all the Xmas lights! x