Kensington Palace; Fashion Rules

When we woke up on our second day in London, the sun was streaming into our hotel room through the curtains. In fact we were lucky the whole 5 days we were there as it only rained once! To make the most of the beautiful weather we jumped on the tube to Queensway and headed to Kensington Gardens. We had no intentions of going to Kensington Palace but once we stumbled across it, we couldn't resist a nose around the royal home.

Tickets are £16.50 including a voluntary donation and give you access to the 4 main exhibitions. You can wonder through the Palace at your leisure and see the King's state apartments, the Queen's state apartments and 'Victoria Revealed'. The rooms are amazing - all high, painted ceilings and impressive, majestic artwork covering the walls. They're filled with little trinkets, items from the past and furniture you can only dream of ever owning. Not that you'd actually want it, who needs a gold baby cot? You can follow the stories of the Kings and Queens who lived here 100s of years ago as you admire the regal exhibits.


My favourite exhibition was, of course, the latest additon Fashion Rules. It starts at the 1950's with the Queen's stunning, intricately detailed dresses, which she would of worn to grand occasions. The hourglass was obviously the preferred shape of this era and it's a firm favourite of mine today. I love a nipped in waist with a big, dramatic skirt. 

It then leads through to Princess Margaret's more modern, sometimes rule-breaking wardrobe of the 60's and 70's. There's lots of Marc Bohan for Christian Dior here and I spent a good while admiring the old Vogue covers that are displayed on the walls.

Then onto some beautiful dresses from Princess Diana's collection in the 80's. They're all big shoulders, dropped waists and glamourous embellishments. I love the stars and tulle of the Murray Arbeld dress that she wore to a dinner at Claridges. 

Eventually Gordon dragged me away and we headed back out into the sun. We had a look round the pretty, Italian gardens of the palace and then carried on our stroll through the park. I had wanted to find the Peter Pan statue but we got confused by the sign posts and gave up in the end. Harrods was calling my name so we headed in that direction instead! :)

What are your favourite parks and gardens in London? Have you been to any of the Palaces?


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