Christmas Day

Before the new year rolls in, I just wanted to share some little snippets from my first Christmas with my "fiance"...

Our morning was spent eating bacon rolls (start as you mean to go on) and opening gifts from each other, before moving on to my parents' home for even more presents with the family. Obviously I've already been spoiled this year with my beautiful engagement ring but Gordon gave me little bits to open including DVDs, sweets and a framed photo from our day in Central park. He's going soft in his old age.

I gave him the Rolling Stones/Crystal Head Vodka gift set along with a watch engraved with the date of our engagement. Ok, we're both getting soft... I was lucky enough to receive lots of goodies from my family and friends - one of my favourites being the London photo album from my sister. The Lulu Guinness eye clutch was a little gift from me, to me. I just couldn't help myself!

Dinner was cooked by my Mum and Dad and eaten with them, my Grandma and my sister. Gordon had a prawn cocktail to start, while the rest of us tucked into fresh melon and raspberries with a ginger melon sorbet. All washed down with a good dose of prosecco!

Christmas dinner is my all time favourite meal. Especially when cooked by my family! They made an epic Italian style turkey (a Jamie Oliver recipe I think), my favourite roast tatties, some sort of amazing vegetarian loaf thing, loads of stuffing, pigs in blankets, yorkshire puddings, marmalade carrots, honey roast parsnips, brussel sprouts... and a partridge in a pear tree. 

Followed by a food induced coma/nap. We took a break from all the food to play with puppies and nephews while the men were hard at work building the toys.

The rest was much needed before we tackled this bad boy. My sister's masterpiece of a salted caramel chocolate torte. Plus trifle. Holyfoodbaby. 

And of course it wouldn't be Christmas without a Bailey's nightcap and silly family games. The rapidough didn't make it out until Boxing day but hey, that's a whole different story.

How did you spend your Christmas day? If you've blogged about it feel free to leave your link in a comment below!

Christy xx

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