Happy New Year!

Started in Paris; saw Two Door Cinema Club, Bastille & Black Rebel Motorcycle Club; got slim; went to Amsterdam; my beautiful nephew was born; visited London; bought my Ppada at last; lost my wartdog friend Brodie :( ; got fat again; saw my fave band of all time; gained our new buddy Ruan; finally got rid of the carpet bath; passed my 1st exam; had lots of good times with good friends; & last but not least, got engaged to my best friend in New York

It's fair to say 2013 was a pretty epic year for us and I'm hoping our luck continues into 2014. There's no harm in making a few resolutions to help it on it's way....
  • Stop being so greedy/lazy and get back under 20% body fat.
  • Climb Bennachie.
  • Beat my time at the Baker Hughes 10k. Preferably under an hour!
  • Go up to an 8kg weight at kettlebells.
  • Have a booze free January.
  • Travel as much as possible.
  • Set a date and book a venue for our wedding. And photographer.
  • Take Harley for a decent walk every day, not just round the block when I don't have much time
  • Pass my 2nd exam.
  • Become a "yes woman" & take more chances.
  • Focus on fashion & blog more.
  • Spend as much time as possible with family & friends.

Fingers crossed I can manage them all! Hope you all enjoyed hogmanay, have a happy, healthy 2014 and make the most of the year ahead! :)

Christy xx


  1. Happy New Year! Traveling and becoming more of a "yes woman" are on my resolutions list too


  2. happy start of the new year! i love the "become a yes women" goal for this year, sounds like a plan for me as well!

    lindsey louise


  3. Congratulations on your engagement - what a dreamy way to get engaged!
    Welcome to the crazy world of wedding planning!

    Jen x
    Bows Bangles & Bakes